Synopsis of My Hunter Team


Preface: Lately on the forums it’s seemed like a big parade in honor of how awesome Caira and Cabot are. So I wanted to talk about the core team that I play with and highlight the hunters it has, that many call sub par, and why I love them.

The Team: Lazarus - Bucket - Abe - Hyde

Gameplay Overview:

-Match Start-

The beginning of the match is where the Abe/Bucket combo really shines. Bucket’s UAV gives a huge boost in finding the monster early, Abe’s obvious weakness. If the monster opts for an eat & run approach, the UAV will easily chase him down right at the start. If the monster sneaks or leaves a false trail, the team spreads out to find it. The UAV moves extremely fast and easily covers at least 1/3 of the map on its own. Trapper and the rest of the hunters begin to search the rest of the map, spread far enough to search areas on their own, but close enough to be in saving distance from a pounce. Generally the monster will be found within the first 2 minutes of the match. Worst case scenario, we don’t find the monster until right after the first bird sign.

-The Chase-

Here’s the big part of our team. The ultimate goal is to literally chase the monster to death. Once that monster is tagged we want it to never to be lost. Having the monster’s position constantly updating on your map is a godsend for cutting off and doming it. Abe refreshing the tracker dart comes before all his other Trapperly duties. Better to refresh the dart and begin to cut it off again, than to throw a risky dome.
Any time the monster has broken line of sight long enough that the dart may wear out, Bucket returns to UAV and catches up to the monster before to dart disappears to get a tracker of his own. This will usually give the trapper enough time to catch up with the monster, dart it, and start the process all over again. Ideally (and usually) the monster is forced to evolve in a situation where it will be domed without armor.

-In The Dome-

Fights inside the dome are fairly straight forward. Bucket sets up strategic turrets: defensive groups to fall back to against an aggressive monster; patrol groups to stop a fleeing monster from circling the dome or hiding in its corners. Bucket’s normally powerful turrets are even more deadly thanks to the myriad of weakpoints Lazarus paints the monster with. Abe covers the area with stasis grenades, synergizing well with Hyde who can often use the extra help keeping the monster within range of the flamethrower.

Laz staying alive is key here, Only ever move towards the combat for a fly-by burst heal, then immediately back out. Any time the monster aggros on him, pop personal cloak immediately and get back to the edges of the battlefield, then ping away with the silenced sniper.

-Teammate Goes Down-

Now when your first teammate gets downed, this is the time where where Laz cloaks up and moves in to revivify the hunter, right? Wrong! This is the moment the team has been waiting for! Let the monster camp the body. Bucket cloaks up and begins dropping turrets all around the body. Abe tosses a few stasis grenades then goes into full-out shotgun attack mode. Hyde throws gas grenade and “melts his f*ckin’ face off”, Laz stays far back and continues to make weakpoints. Let the monster wait for Laz, and do boatloads of damage in the meantime. Laz only moves when the monster gives up and goes after someone else (and even then stays wary of a fakeout), even if it means letting the hunter die completely and getting a strike. It’s worth it for the massive health damage the monster will take waiting for a Laz that’s not going to show up.


It’s a Laz team: At the end of the day, no matter how well you plan, Laz teams are still extremely fragile. If a good monster gets on Laz between cloaks in an inopportune position, he will die. If support or another member can’t escape, you will lose. Just a risk that comes with the territory.

Player error: Being dumb can wreck this team before the fight even begins. Wildlife damage can stack up very quickly against the team when Laz can only burst heal. Bucket getting grabbed while regrouping after a UAV = dead Bucket. Little mistakes can be very deadly. Laz can mess up and get killed, leading to the above weakness.


I love this game! I love team planning and strategizing! And I’d love to hear any feedback on the team!

Shoutouts to @AssistingPower , who got to No 1 Abe on XB1 playing this team with me, and RealKoolxmx the coolest PUG-turned-teammate I’ve ever met.


I second this comp. but without abe. personally griffin or maggie are better at saving laz’s behind. other than that nice write up dude! BUCKET OP.


A trapper with harpoons would definitely be better for the late game . Thanks to the dart juggling between Abe and Bucket though, we push for as many stage 1 or early stage 2 fights as possible. It’s a trade off, banking on either an early kill or lots of health damage before stage 3.


Good monsters will kill Lazarus even if his cloak is up. Not having Hank to shield him makes that team-comp seem pretty fragile imo.


given the flight or flight nature of pubs online lol…this would definately work. but the more advanced monsters will only need stage 1 full armor to bring laz down. just a strike and they instantly propel themselves to an easier victory. as a monster player this is what id look for. opportune moments to hit him and never let him go.


Show me a good monster, we’ve only faced one really good monster and even with Laz under fire the combo of his and Buckets shields as well as the full fire and stopping power of the rest of the team will scare the monster off or he (the monster) will suffer the punishment


I’d probably go with Hank in any Lazarus comp. A good enough monster will always knock over Lazarus, and Hank is the best kind of support to guarantee heavy punishment for trying that. Between having the shield to maximize his time alive and the strike, Lazarus can stand in any corner and the moment a monster walks over to hit him, they have to stop or get destroyed.

Bucket’s flawed for damage because of drone dependency. Cabot deals more damage in the long run, but it’s not nearly bursty enough to convince a monster to go somewhere else. Then again, maybe some area denial like Hyde grenades or Markov mines are enough to make the monster think twice, meaning a different support can be chosen.

It also makes the hunters dependent on fighting outside of caves.


sucks you havent ran into some good ones. the way laz changes the gameplay aka 0 forward progression for the monster to fight early stages means that its worth 100% of its armor and even some hp for that laz strike.

the smart monster will not body block laz either. let him get back up as you flee so you can do it again. 2 strike laz is a win. if the monster doesnt fall below half hp in doing so he is perfectly fine. laz is a pain if the team can protect him. alone he is not so good.


This is why I don’t use cloak for getting revives. Flailing monster can easily hit Laz while cloaked. The cloak is exclusively for losing the monster. And i don’t mean “oh no, the monster is hitting me time to cloak!”, I pop it the second the monster even looks at me funny and run to the opposite side of the dome before he even gets to me :smile:


if that is the plan then as long as the team has set up the 5 bucket turrets plus poison gas on the side your going to then it will work wonders. I didnt say it wont work i just know how to beat it. your execution vs mine at that point.


I just want people to see that Hank’s shield is not the only way to protect him. This team does it through offensive pressure. Sure you can get your Laz strike, but your going to take over half your stage 1 health bar doing it. And with the way the team can keep you constantly tracked, you might not get a chance to armor up/evolve before we get to you again.

Well that’s what it always comes down to isn’t it :wink:

I just want people to look at new team ideas, without always thinking things like “Laz = Have to have Hank.” Or (like appearently half the forums thinks) “Caira is the only viable medic.”

Branch out :smile:!


My impromptu premade fought AuroraSymphony twice today before we got tired of getting our shit pushed in by his Kraken. He started in on us at stage one the second game. It was humbling. I suggest you try to arrange a match with him or one of the other monsters on top of the leader board if you want to really test your team.


We’ve played an extremely good monster before. He wrecked us about 9 games out of 12. We had 2 close and won 1. Even against someone clearly out of our league, Laz still averaged 3-4 revives a game. We never felt we lost because of team composition, just outplayed.


I never feel pressured by any other trapper like I do when Abe is playing… Once he’s got you he’s got you lol.

I love the team comp though Twisted. Personally I really have kind of started to main Laz a bit more than the other Medics. High risk high reward is great stuff lol.


This to me is 100% worth. its up to me now to get out and armor up. if you stop me then gg on your part. if i get armor again laz will die even faster so i will not lose ANOTHER half of hp. if i stage up then its already over :smile:

btw. I am a bucket fan. teams. set teams ready to win tournies are shooting bucket down the drain. i believe he does have a place and you guys used it nicely. Another reason this works. bucket can stick his neck out and go down and his turrets remain on the battlefield. making laz allowing downs not so team breaking. I have indeed thot of this comp i just didnt post it. it requires the team to work around bucket, which alot of ppl/ teams dont like since its a stationary tactic. as in not as mobile as others to do great damage.


I also wanna point out we don’t have a for sure assault on our team. It’s always been a random so we lost more than one due to lack of a 4th ( I use “lack” loosely)


If you combo the tracking dart with the tranq dart AND the stasis grenades AND the UAV you can practically ensure that the instant you see the monster it’s done. The tranq slows it down just enough for Abe to chuck another stasis and you can just keep spamming those and tranq darts til the dome is back up.