Syndrome (Survival Horror - X1/WX)

I am very very excited about this. It looks like the best parts of Dead Space and Alien: Isolation!


We need more horror games…

Then we need more GOOD horror games.

Let’s hope this one isn’t only as good as the hype.

Erm… normally I’d say “Cool. Horror game. I’ll give it a go.”

But to be perfectly honest with you, that has got to be the weakest game trailer I’ve ever seen.

Looks promising! :smiley:

But why on earth is this not coming to Steam?

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MS Exclusive most like. Similar to Cuphead and Scalebound.

Edit: MS not X1.

Yeah, that was pretty bad.

I’d prefer a trailer sets the tone and doesn’t give everything away. Plus this is about 6 to 9 months from release.

seems good and cool. but this is my opinion on horror gamesimage

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Dead space is pure awesomeness