Synchronized Ragequit = Server Disconnect?


Just had an entire team simultaneously reagequit on me, and when they did so I got the message " server connection lost" and did not get any keys from the match.

My internet was not interrupted at all, and I can get into matches before, and now after without issue.


Yes, its an issue that occasionally happens, and it wasn’t a ragequit, especially considering you were disconnected as well. You were part of said “ragequit.”


But it popped them up as quitting, then 2 seconds later ejected me?


Indeed. The disconnect happened to you immediately as well, your match simply closed in that span of time. Sometimes, you won’t even get the message the others disconnected, but they did as well.

Occasionally, though this is rare, some people will stay in the match.

It may not have counted as a win, but it did not count as a loss either.