Switching targets with beams


First I want to say this isn’t my idea. Someone had this Idea back around launch and I can’t find the post to give that person credit. But someone had the idea awhile ago that you should be able to hit a button like LT on the Xbox and switch targets to someone right beside when shielding or healing. It can be a pain when people get hit and get pushed right beside each other to heal, shield or boost the right one. So instead of having to let the beam go to try again and hope you get them. it would be nice to hit a button, and if someone is like within 5 meters switch to the other person. I mean LT on xbox when you use a beam just kinda zooms in. I don’t really think that is needed I feel it would be a lot better for a switch targets button.


Or make it the D-pad? The icons on the left bottom corner of the screen look like they’d work great with the D-pad.


Yeah that would be really nice if we could do that!

Edit: maybe not I just remembered the D pad is how you switch to bots solo. Unless they made it so when you are using a beam you can’t switch to other bots.


Interesting, I don’t think I’ve read anything like this before.
So this would just be a function of characters with Beams that attach to other players? Like Val, Rogue Val, Hank, Tech Sgt. Hank, and Sunny?

Would this also apply to Markov, Blitz Markov, Cabot, Jack, and Kala? Their beams focus the Monster instead of other Hunters, but would that need to be switchable at all? The only instances I could think of would be Defend, Nest or certain customs when there are minions in the match.

And holy cow I just realized how many characters have beams LOL that’s a lot


I didn’t think of it this way, but yes for defend that could work very well! I was thinking of when there is wildlife in the dome and maybe Cabot would want to switch to that and kill it real quick.


You would just have to be careful with it though, because I could imagine getting frustrated when I accidentally switch it off the Monster. Especially for someone like Blitz Markov were it’s super important not to break up the beam.


Yeah you would have to careful, but I wouldn’t think it would be that hard not to push the button to switch. and if you weren’t close enough to something else to switch nothing would happen.


What if you could use it to switch targets with Blitzkov’s beam without losing the extra damage :astonished:


I actually would prefer your target to become highlighted.


You mean instead of being able to switch targets?


Whoever you are aiming your beam at. Wether it’s a medgun, med drone, shield projector, etc. when you aim at that person they should become highlighted so that you at least know who you’re going to hit when you fire.

I actually made a suggestion thread about this in December.


My problem is when people are to close even if I could highlight them I am not sure if it would save me much time.


I see what you are saying. But I think if you could select your target by pushing a button instead of how the mechanic is intended, it might be too much of an advantage.

If your teammates are bunched together that much they’re doing it wrong anyway lol.


Well its not something I would want to use often. sometimes in close games people by chance get grouped close together (either because of the monster moving them or bad luck). I would only want it to switch targets say if two people are within 5 meters. If teams keep grouping together you will still lose because its bad hunter play. I really only think this would help teams that group together infrequently.


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