Switching sides Mid Evacuation


I complained about joining in and already made game. How come I change teams mid evacuation. Prior to my recent match I wanted to play hunters. However, I had to take over control of wraith on day one hunt. Since I like playing monster I’m fine with it. I win next game starts I’m maggie I left before the game started because that’s bs. If your going to throw me in keep me on the same side. During the beta it switch me after day 3. It shouldn’t matter what is the preferred role. If your monster you stay monster if your medic you stay medic if you unfortunately get thrown into a game you get what’s left.



I have never had this happen to me, I have Monster no 1 choice, and even if the monster leaves on round 3, I stay on the hunter team.

Maybe this would do well in the bug report thread?


i have monster as my last pref but today i played 11 matches with monster and 3 with hunters , i dont know whats going on with the matchmaking


most likely because there was a party in the evacuation you were separating up or vice versa. this happened to my party the other night. when we invited someone they were monster instead of on our hunter team because there was no monster yet. then a random joined. after the first match, it switched the random with our invited who was monster.


Yeah, I experienced that as well and I was a bit miffed for more than convenience sake. I have monster as my least favorite role, but I got him (goliath as I have not played monster much). I win the first two rounds of Evac, gain some confidence against the hunters and rack up some serious bonus xp for when the campaign ends. Then I get swapped over to Support (my most preffered) and while it was my role, I was now ripped away from a decent run and all that experience that I had built up. The new monster beat our butts and I got almost no credit for the round. I love this game, and I enjoy practically all aspects of it, this is the only thing I would address. It is demoralizing to say the least.