Switching off voice comms by default / region/server/language gripes


I would like to have a setting to mute all communication by default. Besides how unpolite people tend to be (a natural occurrence in online games with random people), this is why.

My region (South America) I play all the time with Brazilian guys, us Spanish speakers are bunched together with them despite the difference in language (?). So they talk all the time and frankly I don’t understand anything but a little fraction of what they say (also, they tend to talk all the effin time).

As an aside, I personally think that when you’re playing online, as a matter of etiquette you should be talking English, as a default language that everyone will understand in basic terms. You don’t know where your teammates are from, but everyone will understand and be able to produce something like “follow” or “missed the dome”.

So yeah, I spend my hunter games either muting everyone, or telling them I don’t speak their language, needless to say I don’t bother to use a headset.

It would also be interesting being able to change the region server. I have never seen a Spanish speaker playing online, period. And it would enable people to access a broader player base. Dunno, I understand the need for regional servers, but it brings problems.

Another viable option would be to group players by language. Or make it a choice?

Try not to be this guy: