Switching consoles, But I want My Skins!

Is there anyway at all that I can keep my skins ? I know it’s as simple as unlocking them for my profile as long as I’ve taken part ? Could I email 2k or TRS with proof that I have them, I understand for paid skins I would have to pay again but for community skins can they not just unlock them for my new console ? I would tag devs but dont know how to,

I suppose you could speak to DamJess/Shaners for this but as I recall it’s not possible?

Hmm. Think this problem has come up a couple of times, but unfortunately, I don’t think they can help.

I’ll tag @DamJess and @Chloe as they might either be able to help you, or know people who can, but I fear it is not done.

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Correction, they choose not to help. As a developer I know for a fact that have a DB somewhere that tracks all purchases and who purchased what. Even if for some reason they don’t, it would be easy enough to prove. They also have the ability to grant skins to individual players outside of their commerce system (Community Tournament). It is a choice not to do this.

Most development companies will pass the responsibility onto their publisher and say they can’t do it. Remember, this is the same company that hid a quarter of the games art content behind an additional paywall on a fully priced game. I’m not harping on TRS (I’ve purchased several skins). Just trying to make it clear that this is an artificial restriction.


Yeah, but I meant that if it’s the company policy to not transfer game, and skins between consoles, then the individuals who have been tagged aren’t allowed to help.

You think that if you buy DLC on one console, you should be allowed to transfer onto other consoles, if you have the base game on them?

@DamJess is still in the dark.

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What are you switching too and why are you switching? If I may ask.

PS4 to XBOX ONE, they are basically the same thing but I’ll be able to play my old games again and carry over my gaming history on ONE.

Have you had a chance to reach out to 2K Support regarding this? Sometimes they are able to help

Noooooooooooooo! Sad to see a PS4 user go. :frowning:

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Yes… Come to the Xbox dark side. :goliath_roar:

You are a monster.

Cooooomeee to ussssssssssssssssss.



yaaaaaay, happy to see another xboxer join our ranks :smiley: #xboxmasterace

One day…

They’re both valid consoles but xbone does seem to have more AAA exclusives in the pipeline and there’s also the backward compatability coming soon. Though in honesty If I had the money I would buy a pc

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A lot of the Triple A games I could really care less for. Almost all the games I want are on or are coming to the PS4 so I don’t need an Xbox. Some of the PC games I have been wanting to play are coming to the PS4 as well so I got that going for me.

It feels like since the last consoles came out a lot of games that would have been PC only are starting to make there way to consoles.

Fair enough, sounds like you bought the right console for you, which is what you should do really especially considering how good both consoles are

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Sometimes. :smile:

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Not to sure how to contact them ? Does it have to be by phone ?