Swinging by, checking in


It’s been a while since I signed in. However, I still swing by and browse the forums. I still remember the excitement when I received my preorder of Evolve. Cracking of the case and the smell of the freshly formed plastic.

Turtle Rock does great things. I’m excited about their future and what they have in store for us. Are they still working with Perfect world? I haven’t heard anything since the last announcement sometime back.

Edit: I just came across the article about Perfect World cancellation. Maybe it was for the best?


Good to see you again, Delsai! :slight_smile:

TRS announced just recently that they are now working with Warner Bros on their new game “Back 4 Blood”.


You too, Bot. It’s definitely been a while. I still recognize the old faces and it’s exciting to see them, yours included.

I was just reading up on that. That sounds quite exciting!


Hello! I don’t think we ever talked/met, but welcome back to this humble abode. :grin: