Swimming / Floating Issue in Evacuation Rescue Mission


Hi. I just played Evacuation for the first time after playing lots of Hunt. It was great.

… Except during the Rescue mission (map #4 for us), I think “Refueling Tower”, I played as Markov (my least preferred hunter) while in a group with another person, and was assigned 2 other teammates. When I first began the map, everything appeared relatively fine, and I picked up the first survivor. We dropped off the first two survivors, but when I went to approach the third survivor, Markov suddenly started swimming in thin air. It happened for a moment until I climbed a rock, but then, the invisible water seemed to rise higher… where everyone else was walking and jumping around me, and I kept swimming. It prevented me from using any skills, meleeing, jumping, or walking. I couldn’t do anythring, and the only way I could get any control at all was by jumping up higher into the air, then as soon as I fell, I was swimming again.

Everyone else was fine, except without Assault, they died. Then, I drowned in the invisible water in the middle of the air, so the monster won. It was… pretty frustrating, to be honest, and I’ve never seen a bug like it.

Any thoughts? I guess I should also mention, my PC was brand new (from Christmas) just prior to Evolve’s launch and surpasses minimum and some recommended specs.