Swimming bug


When Playing Solo on one of the maps, my hunter decided air is water and started literally swimming EVERYWHERE. It seems the invisible water reached pretty far up in the air, I could fly-swim higher than any climbable mountains. If i swam above that, I would reach the invisible surface, be able to breathe and use the jetpack, but upon coming back down, start swimming again.
The swimming was literal, accompanied with a breaststroke animation and slow drowning after a long time. Also unable to use any abilities.
The bots seemed fine, but when I drowned and took over a normally running and functioning bot, I started swimming again until drowning.
Quit the game and restarted, and the issue hasn’t happened again since. But thought I’d let y’all know it’s a potential problem.


Would you kindly report it here? Scroll down to "Bug Reporting"and post away, to help the devs sort this out.


That thread is locked, no?


Yes, it was recently locked. You’re now meant to report them here, so ignore that.