Sweet Little Granny? (Giveaway)


Lennox, the sweet and loveable Granny. At least for the Hunters. To the Monsters she’s a killing machine! She doesn’t fuck around! She’s tough! She’s mean! She’s a pure bred killer!

Are you good enough to be Lennox? Prove yourself in the Sweet Little Granny contest! Upload a video showing off your killing skills with Lennox and win $50 for your system! (Ex. $50 PSN, Xbox, of Steam Card.)

What are the requirements, you may find yourself asking. Well it’s simple! All you have to do is record yourself playing as Lennox and post the video here! The person who I believe to be the embodiment of Grandma Lennox will win!

You’ve got till Nov. 21st, so have fun! Bake some Monsters! Tear shit up!

I’ll PM the winner thier code on the 22nd. Make sure to include what System you’re play on!
#Important to note
There is no time limit or requirement for your video. It can be really short, or an entire match. All you need to do is make sure you’re playing as Lennox.


Is this a trick or???


No, it’s real.


I said videotape to fit the theme.


I meant your choice of the word “videotape” as in VHS. :wink:


Wait… What’s the reward?


Lol, no. But if you did do that I’d be mighty impressed.


$50 for your platform. Like a $50, PSN card.


Mouth hits the floor


Can I do it for Torvald instead xD


Does Jack Lennox count >.<

/jokes :stuck_out_tongue:


Sadly no. I might do one for Torvald later though if people really want it.


I need some free time for this. Lennox is my best assault. Just need a couple friends online to comp with.

Hopefully I get free time by then


Sweet Zombie Jesus, you disintegrated Gorgon!


You got an entire week my friend.


One of my first times playing Lennox and I managed to get this Thunder Strike from way up in the air:


Found the winner


You got an entire week to do this. @Plaff 's was impressive, but so was @AlbinoGoliath 's. I’m also waiting on @The_Mastermind 's clip. And your’s if you want to enter


Oh I was just playing around, I don’t have Lennox but I played her on the free weekend and honestly I didn’t like playing her


Well that’s upsetting.:cry: