Swedish players Ps4


Hey, we r 2 Swedish players 20+ who wants to get a tight team to overcome all the elite players, that plays the monsters in Evolve.

So we search 2 Swedish players on the Ps4 that want to achieve victory against the best monsters. Send me a message on Psn or here if u r interested. C ya
// Oorah01



I’m Swedish and teaming up with about 6 other swedish players but-

…sadly we all play the game on PC… Can’t help you out. :expressionless:

Good luck enlisting some vikings though!


Swedish dude here. Im lvl 27 atm, my main is trapper (Crow), best ranking was 198 if that makes any difference. Look me up, my ps4 name is Mupp8


Najz! Ill give u a friendrequest and then we team up!!