"SWATting" prank on the group The Creatures today


I hope they catch the person who caused this.



EDIT: It appears these are the culprits:

https://twitter.com/ScrewPain and https://twitter.com/spiky


I hope people like this find a chemical fire and roll around in it until they no longer move. Some people in this world are just the lowest buckets of scum imaginable. -Ugh…


I know, never thought people would sink this low for a prank. Someone could serious get hurt or killed.


I hope this fu*ker get’s what’s coming to him


These stories are so ridiculous. Pranks are no longer pranks when someone could get killed. Do people not understand what a SWAT team is trained to do?! This isn’t the same as calling someone up and asking if their refrigerator is running. It blows my mind that people are amused by this horrible waste of money and resources. It’s disgusting.


I don’t understand how they figure out where these ppl are to call a swat team


The Creatures is a business with a rented office, likely capable of being found in listings.


Just got done watching this interesting documentary:

Then I read up about the 16 year old caught in Canada they state at the end of the documentary:



This crap is so dumb, only a sociopath would find this entertaining. They need to lock these children away for such behavior.


With as much of a police state the USA has become…and even our basic police so militarized, let alone SWAT…things like this can lead to very real deaths. Very sobering. I’m at a loss for words at how anyone could do such a thing.


This is disgusting in so many ways. I can’t stand it when “pranksters” do dangerous stuff like this because it “seemed funny”. Putting people in situations where they can get hurt/are getting hurt for no reason is unacceptable.


‘Pranks’ are getting way too out of hand these days.
Now there’s a fine line between being funny and being a dick.


I heard the creatures name every now and then, and see they’re really popular. That’s the price you pay for being popular on the internet. Such a scary place to make a name for yourself considering all the things that can be done there. I had no idea that swatting is actually a common thing for over-the-top pranksters from what I read. Even doxing someone for personal information and posting it online for everyone to see also seems to be a common thing. Being anonymous behind a screen can make someone out to be one of the scariest people. I don’t know, it’s just getting easier every year to do these things. I just hope they get caught. There has to be something not functioning right if they think calling the SWAT team on someone for no reason is the best course of action.

There seems to be another story of 60 officers storming into a house. Some guy threatened to SWAT this person because he lost to him in a COD match. Police suspect the caller traced his home address by following his IP address. What the hell? Even playing a video game is a danger to your safety.


Whats with the police state comment? Some dumb ass is misusing emergency services for a prank that wastes a lot of money and resources having to respond to a bogus call which they can’t tell if it’s real or not so they are required to be taken seriously.


It’s too bad the cameras won’t be rolling when the person who did this gets caught. They will be caught. :wink: For legal reasons that part is typically not advertised publicly. It’s a shame because we need a better deterrent. People can’t SWAT each other with impunity anymore. Uncle Sam has wised up to what’s going on. He also loooooves to seize every piece of technology the SWATer owns to make the court case easier.


Redacting the post as apparently the website is satire. Too bad. :frowning:


This appears to be a different case, however glad the kid got what he deserved.


I understand the need to respond seriously, it just seems like, as soon as they barge into the room with a guy wearing headphones playing a computer game, not exactly looking like the picture of a terrorist operation, they didn’t need to grab him at gunpoint to force him to the ground and cuff him. But in this instance perhaps the police state comment was a bit much and misplaced. I’m just overly aware as of late of how even the littlest of things under the notion of zero tolerance is getting even young kids put in cuffs and arrested today, and unarmed people shot and killed, and how many police stations are utilizing MRaps, LRad tech, and Heat Ray tech. on peaceable civilians. However, my comment was a bit much given this circumstance, so I apologize. I guess how are the SWAT team supposed to know right off that’s he’s just playing a video game? They can’t fool around or take the chance…it was just…TOO MUCH for me I guess.


They blindly walk into every situation having the possibly it could be their last. They totally have the right to kick your ass first an ask questions later.


If a call requires police to send in a SWAT team they have to treat everyone at the scene as a suspect because you don’t know who the threat is. They’re only given what they’re told when they respond to a call, so they pretty much have zero idea it’s just some innocent guy playing video games, as opposed to being told they’re expected to engage a hostile suspect shooting people up. They’re trained to deal with the worst situations so they have to act accordingly.

It’s the whole reason why these assholes like to pull off this stupid swatting prank, because of all the drama and seriousness police are required to take it.