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The swarm monster would be a very large group of flying insects. He would have a very small armor bar but would have lots of small health bars. He could absorb wildlife instead of eating it to increase his size and during combat when he loses healthbars he visibly gets smaller. His abilities arent set in stone so feal free to criteque them.
His sneak attack would be too grab a hunter and suck them into his swarm, completely sourounding them and eaying them alive. His sneak attack would not make a dead body that you then have to eat but is devoured in the process.
1st attack- no name yet- he forms a hand with insects, grabs his chest, rips a chunk of insects off and launches them at an enemy. Upon hitting an enemy they will swarm around that person for 3 seconds before flying back to the monster!
2Nd attack- blitzkrieg- the monster rips himself in two throwing his other half at the players. The half thrown in the air will find a group of hunters and pack up on them blinding them completely while taking occasional nibbles at hunters. This effectively makes them unable to see for 5 seconds while the monster gets reduced. melee attack damage by 50% during this time as he is missing half of his body.
3Rd attack- grab n smash- as the name would suggest a move where the monster forms an arm, picks up the hunter, slams him against the ground and continues to pummel him with the endless stream of insects pouring down through his arm and slamming into the hunter. This attack lasts 3 seconds but after picking him up and initailly smashing the hunter the attack can be interrupted by teammates shooting his arm.
4Th attack- torrent- this monsters main damage dealer, he puts his two arms together and blasts out a cylinder of insects in front of him with incredible knockback and damage. He holds the attack until all of his body has been blasted through the attack. Where he originally aimed is where his body will put it self back together.
His main melee attacks are to swing massive pummeling arms at hunters made of the rest of his body, insects.
Traversal ability- form a wormlike appearence and slither dash along the ground OR in the air. He is capable of both.
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