Suspected wall-hacker

Just played with a trapper who domed me twice while I was sneaking with no LOS/dart/tag/sound. There’s no way he could have legitimately known where I was and he got me perfectly, twice. I look up his Steam profile and sure enough he has 3 previous bans for cheating.

Since posting his name here is prohibited, please PM me if you’d like to check up on if we have similar experiences… his username initials are QJ.

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Were you sniffing when he was nearby? If so, that’s probably how he domed you twice. Good trappers can easily hear the sniffing of the monster and since domes are instant now, you can pretty much throw it when you hear the sniff.

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I wasn’t. I run smell range and juke hunters all the time, and I know when to stop sniffing. Also I was Gol, hardest to hear…

The second time he domed me I was hiding behind a rock waiting for them to run by, he runs up and immediately throws the dome at perfect range to catch me on the rim like he knew exactly where I was. I had broken LOS a significant time before and, again, no active tag

Strange. He might as well be a hacker. I’ve only ran into one confirmed hacker before and it was truly not fun at all. Hopefully someone else ran into the same trapper and maybe get a report on him to 2K or whatever.

Ive ran into a Hacker on PS4, definitely not fun lol

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the [King]-xXx-AUGU$TO-xXx-[Clan] guy using speed hacks a couple weeks ago? He used hacks while on GentlemanSquirrel’s Twitch, so pretty sure he’s banned haha

Hopefully. Real shame people have to use cheats and hacks to beat people on online games.

My run in with the hacker was a Wraith on PC. With no cool downs at all, that Wraith brought a whole new meaning to decoy spam.

Just curious what trapper was he running ? I’m guessing griffin … ive had that happen to me couple months ago… but since it only happened once I thought he got lucky…

What was he doing?


some of the teammates he was playing with also have VAC bans on record

Oh! I met a speed hacker once! The hunters fed themselves to me cause they didnt want him to win.
He ran into a plant because he was being too fast.


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Hahaha! Good, hackers don’t deserve to win and I applaud the other hunters for being good members of the community and stopping hackers like that.

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have you checked what region he’s in? Maybe he’s in South Africa, so when the game lets him host…

Ive ran into him 3 times, its always the same ping.

I’ve run into one hacker on PC. He was Kraken, moved and fought like he had every buff in the game at once. Staged up to S3 before the 3 minute mark and then left, rejoined, and was a normal Kraken fighting a team with full strikes.

Some people thought I was hacking because I was a flying Goliath… it was funny on my part.

The only hacker i ran across was months ago. kraken with no cooldowns

ugh, s3 vortex no cooldown is a pain.

What!? ON PS4??

I played against a guy like that while I was playing as Laz soon after release, but mine only got stage 1, and I think he had put all his points into lightning strike.
It was kinda fun for that game since he was a moron, but it wasn’t something I’d want to do again