Survivors don't want to be extracted


One game while playing Rescue, we saved the first two survivors and one ran into the extraction point. The second one, however, had different plans. It instead was determined to run after wraith and try to fight it for some odd reason. Luckily we had Lazarus and simply kept reviving the poor fool until we killed wraith, but the Survivor just refused to be rescued.

A second issue, I was playing with three friends and had a bot Markov on Rescue. For some reason, the survivors seem to imprint on one hunter and will only follow them. Unfortunately, that one hunter was Markov and he decides to run off and get stuck with the survivors with him, leaving us separated from them while we’re fighting. Obviously one of us could switch characters and get him, but then that leaves us with a bot trying to fight the monster, which is a disadvantage. It’d be nice if the survivors followed whoever revived them because then we could get then to extraction.


There’s an issue we discovered that causes what you’re seeing after Lazarus defibs. Currently working on a fix!