Survival mode


A mode that test your limits for how long you can survive as monster or hunter whatever works better pushing players too there limits the side thats suppose to survive will have 1 life while the the gets unlimited lives trying to kill the players. players can also be the ones that are trying to kill the other players in attempt to prevent them from surviving any longer.


Yes please, we need some new modes for sure,

Where is mobile arena mode, where it’s best of 3 and you fight in the dome anywhere on a map, and each round the monster is on a different stage!


I was thinking about a classic horde mode, where you are either a monster or a group of hunters facing increasingly difficult waves of wildlife and occasionally a monster or two. Imagine getting stampeded by 20 nomads…


What about a horde like mode where the hunters fight waves of minions. The minion waves get harder by adding health and armour to them but also having minions with different abilitys unlocked (with different skins so you can tell the difference). For example a rock throwing only minion may have a bog skin but a charge minion may have savage skin. You could also have wraith minions ect.

You maybe could also set up turrets and earn credits per kill/wave to buy assistance such as med bays, ebonony star soldiers, perks ect


Monsters could have a horde mode equivalent that starts with colonists, then Ebonstar soldiers, then actual Hunters.

Between rounds the monster could buy aggressive wildlife, perk upgrades and Evolve if they have enough points, similar to Electron’s idea.

I am in love with a Horde mode idea.


bump horde mode idea is genuies everybody has to see this


Could be interesting. Not sure if the map would support it, but maybe allow the monster to respawn so hunters can see how many times they can kill him. They keep strikes between lives. For variety you could limit the stage of the monster (or give him progressively higher stages), make him start with full armor and have no wildlife, and/or disable the dropship. Basically defend without an objective. Could break the game, but it would be nice if we had enough custom options to at least try something like this.