Survival Mode | Gamemode suggestion


Hello everyone.
I’ve come up with a really awesome ( I hope you will agree) idea for a new game mode, inspired from Meg’s horror experience on Factor.
So first of all, it’s going to basically be a reversed Hunt.
Picture this:

  • 2 or 3 stage one monsters that have to catch one or a small group of hunters. Well… runners now.
  • The match ends when either the runners are dead, or the dropship rescues them. (And this is going to be detailed in section B of this post).
    -The monsters cannot evolve in this mode, but there are still normal mobs out there to give creeps to the hunters.
    -For a more creepy atmosphere (come on, we are fighting Monsters) everything happens at night. In fact, it would be so awesome if the runners would have to rely on their flashlights alone to see, and the monsters have almost pitch black vision, rellying especially on Smell, which will grant them temporary shadowy vision.
    -Each runner is equipped with Hank-like shieds. Depending on their number, the amount of shields will also vary. (E.g. lone runner- 2. Shield layers + hp).
    -I have not decided yet if the monsters can or cannot be killed.

So for this, I have 2 main ideas.

  1. Timer dependent match. Essentially, the match and the destiny of the runners depend on time. For instance, a match can be no longer than 5 mins, time required for the ship to come pick the runners up.
  2. Point A to point B retrieve matchmode. So essentially in this version of the mode, the runner/runners have to get from the start point to the pickup point. But there is a catch. They have to retrieve pieces of scattered data/tech/info OR survey ground anomalies (more specifically, stand their ground for 30 seconds each in 3 areas of the map ).

I think that the best way this mode would turn out is having it like this:
-4 hunters in pitch black, flashlight sight only
-3 St 1, unable to evolve, blind, Monsters, which --could see only through smell.
-Point A to B match type.

I hope you find this idea as interesting as I do. Let me know what you think, and every new idea or improvement, even critics, are welcome !
Happy Hunting


Honestly I wise there was a game like a reversed evolve.


Thank you.
I really hope the devs will look into this and give me feedback


Yeah maybe make it kinda like how evacuation was. Or make it so the only weapons they have are basic assult rifles like the ones colonists carry around.or/and make it so once they die they are dead.


Yeah, I really like the idea of every hunter having assault weapons. That would be cool.
And about dying, I think Ii have already speciffied that, if not, I’m sorry. :sweat_smile:



So basically like Dead by Daylight?


I instantly thought about Evacuation Mode after reading your post. It’s a little bit different and maybe Evacuation mode is better/easier for the Game (and thats why it was in the Game).
But I really like the Idea of making it multiple Monsters (even though that might be difficult to handle ingame because of unit sizes or idk), because it makes it better for a 50/50 split playerbase wanting to play Monster and Hunter.
I dont think TRS would include that Mode over their old (rebalanced) Evac mode, but you can definitely take some things from ur idea. It would probably be best if the Game got mod support, and you could create ur idea with maybe a custom map with multiple pathways and exits (though all Hunters (runners) have to escape through the same one), so there are ways for Monsters to cut the runners of aswell as for the runners to juke the Monsters.
Another reason why this would be best with mods is that you might have to include custom Abilities since Hunters should be able to outrun the Monsters if they are skilled and the (most of) the Monster Abilities are based around fighting and not about stopping Hunters.

praying for mod support


Kind of, yeah, but not exactly.


Even though I hope for mod support to be added, I doubt it will. It’s a multiplayer game after all, and not many multiplayer games have mod support.
It would be something if Evolve gets something like Gmod’s Workshop, in which you could create and publish (after verifications) user created content like maps, skins, and such.