Survival-based Game mode suggestion


(I’m not sure if something like this was suggested before. If so, I apologize.)

I spent the last few days trying to record the “sole survivor” quotes of the Hunters (a.k.a what they say when they are the last Hunter still alive) and in order to get as many of the quotes in one game as possible, I resort to keeping the last Hunter alive until the rest respawn. Failing that, I restart the game.

For some reason, I had a great deal of fun doing it. Hiding from the Monster and hearing him sniffing for your scent nearby was exhilarating and running like hell when he saw you was crazy, especially when playing as a Medic who couldn’t do enough damage to seriously hurt the Monster like Caira or Lazarus. The remaining wildlife adds to the suspense, especially when you mistook the sounds they make for the Monster hunting you down (the Crowbill Sloth’s pounding attacks). In addition, I played Nest Mode so there is an extra minion going after me.

If this could turn into a solo or 1v1 game mode, it could be interesting, with modifications made to the Monster’s sniff ability to make it easier for Hunters in its vicinity to hide. Perhaps the game mode would be the lone Hunter running and hiding until the timer runs out, reaching or finding something before the Monster kills them, or like the Survival mode in Left 4 Dead, survive for as long as possible and beat your previous record. The scariest thing about the whole experience was getting pounced unexpectedly and Wraith really excels at doing that during the recording period, especially when she decides to sneak.

For storyline, it could be that an attempt to land onto Shear failed, or the Laurie-Anne got attacked, and the Hunters got separated, with the player controlling one of them and they needed to regroup. Or that an evacuation attempt failed, stranding the Hunter(s) in the area until the ship could circle back for them.