Survey to create a One V One hunt mode


This is a survey for all players to participate in on the subject pertaining to should there be a one versus one hunt mode. My question to all of you is this: Do you believe that a one on one adrenaline pumping hunt mode should be available? I’ve been reading some of the forums saying some people feel too pressured being the one monster against four hunters, and that’s okay. So here is my proposal, There will be one hunter, I will let you guys decide on what kind of equipment load out he or she should have to keep things balanced, and have each of you more involved in the idea of the one versus one hunt mode. There will also be one monster, this will have to be a minion, or a new monster the size of a minion otherwise this one v one idea is just going to be an unfair one sided slaughter. Both sides would be equally balanced, now here is where I believe this will be fun. As a lone wolf hunter, you will become more immersed into your character and into your environment. You are efficient, cunning and above all lethal when it comes to stalking your prey in a team. However, this time you are alone, gone are the feelings of security with your comrades by your side, and it’s just you, the hostile environment, and a blood thirsty monster lurking in the shadow. It’s dark, you’re in a dense forest, it’s raining, you hear the wildlife all around you when suddenly a tree comes crashing down not too far in the distance followed by a flock of birds fluttering away. See what I’m getting at? One v One would be intense. This is getting too long but for the monster I would suggest that the hunter should be able to escape a stealth attack/pounce from the monster, just to make it fair. So what do you guys and gals think? One v One? Let’s get Turtle Rock’s attention and make this happen!


No. Just no. Too OP.


Nope, 10char.


Unless the Monster were something like the predator… you know what, sorry I still can’t get behind it. I would have to vote no.


In hopes that people understand where I’m coming from, the monster would just be a small minion. However, your opinions are appreciated yes or no!


Still, The monster can just kill one hunter easily…


I get where he’s coming from, but I think a 2v1 is more plausible with the way the game is set up right now


You sir, Should go back to playing CoD


Lol I despise CoD


A lone wolf thing isnt what Evolve is going for.


What if there were a reverse rule situation? (Forgive my Abe language) but great me out, one bad ass super soldier (not like Parnell) that could essentially have abilities LIKE the whole team?


the only way i see this working is if its 2 monster battling for alpha status


That would be cool


Unfortunately, even if the one hunter could carry every weapon in the game, there is no possible way for the hunter to win, even against a level 1 monster.
I’m sorry, but I will have to vote against this.