Survey - classes/characters


Hi Hunters & Monsters!

Wumbidumbi here & iam interested in a kind of survey - what character u prefer to play right now?

I want to get to an outcome like:
70% of nowadays community prefer hunters (20% markov …)
30% prefer Monster

I will post the result in a graphic after … maybe 14 days in this topic!

So if u want to help me just post one of those in here:

  • Trapper Maggie
  • Trapper Griffin
  • Assault Markov
  • Assault Hyde
  • Support Hank
  • Support Bucket
  • Medic Val
  • Medic Lazarus
  • Kraken
  • Goliath

or if u are not that sure its ok to just write “monster” and “hunter”

Thanks in advance!



  1. I know there will be that preference system in the game… anyway i wanna do this :smiley:
  2. If there is something like this already done pls tell me!


I’m going to say Goliath, but I’m really, really leaning towards Kraken as well.

I’d prefer not to play as hunters, but I wouldn’t mind every now and then-- especially when friends want to co-op.


Probably Hunter Griffin.
And it has been done at least once before though it didn’t include monsters



Goliath as my first, hyde my second, griffin or bucket 3rd, val 4th, hank & :markov: as my fifth

I would start off playing as the monster, but if I feel a little scared knowing i’m being constantly searched for gets the better of me then I would play a game on hunter side 1 or 2 times as wouldn’t like to fall into just playing hunter


Griffin and the kraken (lol kind of sounds like a buddy cop show)


Goliath is my first choice.


Ive made a post similar to this but yours has satistics so its good its original and mine would be Goliath


Hunter Hank.


Goliath with Kraken following close behind. I want to be a towering monster and incinerate/electrocute people!


Overall I’m most interested in Goliath but Val and Bucket are close seconds.


Medic Val, Followed by Trapper Maggie, followed by Goliath here.


Goliath! But, I’m anxious to play as Kraken and the new set of hunters. I am a big fan of the assault and medic classes.


Lol no love for Kraken here.I wont just play Kraken i’m ONLY going to play Kraken.Except if any friends want to play together then ill have to play hunters.soooo KRAKEN!


Yeah, I had intentionally left out monsters in that thread because a large portion of the community likes monsters more and there are less monsters to pick from so I figured I wanted to just do hunters because a separate poll for monsters didn’t make too much sense to me lol


Personally my favorite is Hank. I think he is the most fun, but I feel like being and indestructible monster brings more satisfaction if that makes sense. So Hank then Goliath :stuck_out_tongue: In the alpha my preferances were as follows (I did change them time to time to get a taste of everything)

1 Hank
2 Monster
3 Markov
4 Maggie
5 Val


Id say that i prefer monster as a whole i prefer to use kraken when i want to hit from a distance and end the game at stage 2 or 3 otherwise goliath.
all the way.


I like Bucket.

He has some capacity for damage, and I think thats on level with Hank’s capacity to negate damage. He’s also got some serious tracking ability…something hank doesn’t have…and is probably hard to get more of in a team build.


  1. Goliath (I don’t think Goliath is better then Kraken, simply that I want to play it more…being evasive and tricksy is cool, but I don’t know if Kraken really plays up that emotion enough…will have to find out.)

  2. Hyde

  3. Lazarus

  4. Griffin


My top 5 (as of now):

  1. Goliath
  2. Val
  3. Kraken
  4. Hank
  5. Griffin


For me:

  1. Goliath ( I got to play as him and it was one of the most fun I’ve ever had in a game )
  2. Maggie ( I prefer the trapper due to the precision and timing you have to do, which can win the game )
  3. Hyde ( Burning the monster is enjoyable, and it does TONS of damage )
  4. Kraken ( I don’t like the Kraken as much, not my play style )
  5. Bucket ( Bucket is just awesome, you can’t argue with that :stuck_out_tongue: )


Trapper Griffin! The harpoon gun is much more satisfying/effective than the harpoon traps! Also Even though Daisy can revive you I like the idea of the sound spikes, if you plant enough the entire maps bugged!