Survey being rude


How dare it assume I have friends :fearful:


No it just starts like that so you can’t not pick a option at all


Yeah, I mean, who has friends? Pfft. Noobs. Hey, you go have fun with your friends, I’ll go ave fun with my PC. In a dark room. Sad. Cold. Lonely.

And halfway to elite Wraith. >:)


I’d be glad to be in your shoes at the moment! I’m currently facepalming a friend who preordered, but thought you’d only get Tier3 by doing that, or purchasing as DLC afterwards.

Aaand demanded links stating otherwise. And links stating that there was more game modes than Hunt for Release

Meanwhile stating that anyone who pays $15 for a single monster is an idiot and 2k is ‘nickle and diming us hard, and new monsters WILL be OP because you have to pay for them’ and that the community would be split b/c of it (Still don’t know where the crap he’s getting that from…)

Friends suck. You aren’t missing much :wink:


Well, you would be very unlikely if you dont have friends


when i first saw and played the game, very likely

now i saw the price of DLC and how small all of the maps are, not very likely

also it’s a console release so it’s bound to be subpar


I am tell my friends to get Evolve. I tell them at work. On Skype. Face-to-face. They say yes, sounds awesome.

Nek minut

What is evolve again? What’s this beta event? Is it out yet?

None of them are truly interested. Time for new friends :laughing:.


I got most of the air grabs, but I just couldn’t get people to group up for the burst attack. :frowning: