Surely they should just release it?


I’m a bit confused by this beta. The majority of new users will download it and either be oblivious to the fact it’s a beta or not care that it is. They will play it for 2,10,20 hours or whatever and then the majority will bin it.

Now this majority that will bin it would have likely spent real money during the 20 odd hours they played and enjoyed it. They can’t though and that majority get bored and move on like with most games.

It is a free game, just release it and allow cash to be spent whilst constantly expanding it, just like trs are doing in this beta.

By tge time it goes full release and allows money most players have gone onto other games and we are now coming upto the rush of new big releases and several multiplayer ones so already you’re losing even more attention to these titles.

It just seems like an odd business decision as personally I know two people who wanted to spend money on evolve but couldn’t and they loved it but have now moved on to other games and have lost interest. Money lost forever.

Just release it to everyone and let us spend money, then do it with consoles. Again on console there will be a flood of players who will spend lots at first.



On the other side noone will spend money on a game that is still a beta.Let’s be honest here.If they released it with microtransactions already active,they would get a lot of hate.You have a game with 3 maps and 1 mode and you want me to pay 4.99 for skins?


4 maps! flies away


I meant don’t call it a beta. It’s a full free game with more maps and characters coming. Grind for skins or characters or pay 1.99 for skins or 3.99 for a character etc. Like I mentioned just personally i know people who were really up for buying stuff and now they’ve moved on.


my theory is that TRS got traumatized on how people said “This game ISNT COMPLETE”,“SCUM DLC PRACTICES” “60 DOLARS for a half baked game?” “2dlc Season PAsses at day 1” on legacy days.

so they are doing the other way around,which suprisingly i think is also bad for them too, kinda reminds me about that episode of extra credits where they talk about companies getting stigmatized by p2win.

edit: dont get me wrong, i could be wrong here and say its because they in beta so.


the beta is for release on console, not on pc


Yes, more players will make micro-transactions in the first few days of a games release…However, it’d be extremely shady to do so when the game is still in beta. you’re drastically changing the way characters work. Would you be happy about purchasing wraith at the release of Stage 2 beta, and seeing her go through all these nerfs? No. You probably wouldn’t have made that purchase after the nerfs, so you feel cheated.

Ultimately, changes will continue to be made after the games release, but these are likely to be very minor tweaks. Being completely free in Beta (which it should be. Paying a company money to test their game for them is a disgusting trend that we, as consumers, shouldn’t be accepting) means they can make sweeping changes to the game before taking someones money.


I’ve binned it on console,quite sad because it was my go to game for over a year that i truly loved playing with friends or randomers but after the misleading hype train and the PC beta exclusive i lost hope and gave up on it.

I really don’t think TRS have the ability to release it without tons of bugs being there,they just can’t seem to make progress it’s like 1 step forward 2 back all the time.Console community is pretty much dead because why would they play Stage 1…makes no sense.

I mean how long is this going to stay in beta for? i can’t see this coming to consoles this year the way TRS operate.


They are trying to rebuild their image as a company.