Supporting TRS


I give TRS my full support and applaud them for making a great game such as evolve, i hope that they continue making more monsters and hunters even after the 5th monster, at least 6. but i went out of my way and bought the season pass, behemoth, and every skin for monsters. I hope the money they receive from my transactions supports the game well, i know that im just one person and that much money doesn’t seem like much for a triple A title. But hey ill support TRS any way i can and keep this game alive for as long as possible.

Cheers and happy hunting!


This made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.


I did the same as you my friend. I even wrote them a private message telling them how much I support them and why I do. TRS is the most innovative and creative team of devs out there. I love how they made such a beautiful game. I’ve had my hardships with the game but my fiath for them is too much for the bads. I belive in them and I want them to at least get to tier 10! At least!


It’s nice to throw one of these in there every now and then, to break up the monotony of complaints and balance issues :smile:

TRS, Thank you for making the game that I’ve enjoyed for at least a month and a half :smile: