Supporting evolve esports = supporting evolve future


Alo evolvers!

The following thread came up into my mind after i’ve been struggling in Evolve lobbies (WHERE IS EVERYONE?)

Whether you like it or not.
Whether you are a more casual player or a more hardcore player.
Whether you’re a forger, machinima maker, or screenshotter.
Whether you prefer social/competitive playlist.

If you enjoy the multiplayer side of Evolve, it is imperative that you support eSports, even if you might not know it.

On these forums, there a lot more “Casual” players that prefer the fun aspect over the competitiveness of the game, and you know what? That’s completely fine.

While Evolve is a good game, no one can argue that Evolve relevancy as a multiplayer platform has been on a very steep decline over the past months. Despite many people on these forums enjoying Halo/cod multiplayer experience, the fact is that the population for the game dropped liked an anchor, and arguably killed the already declining Evolve eSports scene. Thankfully, TRS has proven that they are capable of supporting Evolve competetively until the end of it’s hopefully long life-span.

See, Halo/cod has always been a primarily USA/CANADA thing. This is fine, but it could do better. In areas where eSports is absolutely huge, Evolve is indeed minuscule. Almost embarrassingly so. While this can be attributed to many factors, such as the popularity of the Evolve brand in those areas, but if the game is appealing enough in those areas, Evolve can transcend the Xbox/PS4 brand.

If the Evolve eSports scene continues to grow and flourish in the areas it’s already more prominent in, the popularity of the brand will leak overseas. The higher the prizepools, the more overseas (from an NA perspective, mind you.) organizations and teams will participate in Evolve eSports. The more overseas teams that are competing, the higher the chance of those overseas teams winning or placing well at events. And, the higher the success of foreign teams, the higher the viewership and amount of enthusiasts in those areas. Ultimately, this leads to more people purchasing the game, purchasing merchandise, and spreading positive word of mouth to their friends who end up doing the same. If this happens, TRS puts more effort into catering and satisfying these new fans, and the brand continues to expand. But the thing is this: none of this will be possible if we don’t support Evolve eSports. Us, the core EVOLVERS.

So, how can we support Evolve eSports? What does supporting Evolve eSports even mean?

The fact is that there are many ways that we can support the competitive Evolve scene, and in turn the entire Evolve brand. I will list a few:

-Watching Streams. On an individual level, content creators over at Twitch make more revenue from their streams than from videos on Youtube. Twitch is a way to introduce or teach a large and eager audience new games. If a game is popular on Twitch, newcomers to the franchise will become attracted to these streams, and potentially buy the game. Or maybe, the brand new Youtube gaming platform.

-Starting a stream or make Youtube videos yourself. There are already many big Youtubers for Evolve and there always will be. But there aren’t any “big” Twitch Plenty of talented pros stream over at twitch, but most Evolve streamers are simply good players, and not good Streamers. We need more personalities to step up to the plate and create a real Twitch presence.

-Watching events. This is probably the most direct way you can support eSports. Organizations like MLG or ESL all rely on viewership to keep going. No matter how competitive League of Legends was, or how much money it made via microtransactions, events would not be held for it if people did not watch them.

-Get invested into the scene, and support small fan-sites. The reason why a lot of people not like spectating Evolve or can get really into it, is that it’s admittedly not the easiest eSport to find out more about. Websites like or battlefly make doing this a lot more accessible, and also interesting. The more you are invested into the drama of these eSports teams, the more likely you are to become a loyal fan to a certain team, which in turns means you’ll be more compelled to watch events or support Evolve in other ways.

-Tell your friends. Spreading positive word of mouth and hyping up the Evolve scene can do A LOT. If you have perhaps more casual Evolve friends, or even friends who might be gamers but not into Evolve, sharing information about the game, and showing them clips of competitive Evolve might influence their opinion on the game, and make them more likely to participate. Once again, this grows the brand.

-Playing the game. Though there are more ways to help support Evolve, this will be the last on my list. The idea is simple, yet vital. Evolve population dropped like a brick as mentioned before. This caused a decline in event viewership and pro participation. By simply playing the game and contributing to a healthy population, TRS will recognize this and continue supporting the playerbase. Obviously, if you do not enjoy playing Evolve, don’t force yourself. But if you want to support Evolve future and enjoy the game, try to make a habit out of playing the game often, if not disruptive or consuming from your lifestyle. It is just a game, after all.

In Summary: If Evolve eSports scene grows, so does the mindshare of the brand. As Evolve expands in popularity in regions where it might not have been popular originally. There are many ways to support the future of Evolve and you can do your part without having to really dedicate yourself to the actual game. Finally, please consider sharing this post or idea with your other friends as it will help our (Evolve fans) cause.




I’ll do whatever you want, Harley! D :


Thank you very much!



I’m pretty sure a lot of people would love to see Harley play Evolve. XP

Back on topic.

I will pester as many people as I can to give Evolve a try.





I’ve already gotten my mom to play a few rounds of Evolve. lol

I’m trying to make my own videos. Thing is, I play on X-Box One. I have a lot of tips and tricks and just plain lets-play I would love to make from Evolve. It’s an awesome game and I really wantto support it. However, right now, the only thing I’m able to do is make cute parodies from clips I’ve seen before. For example, I mixed the trailer for Skyrim with the DLC trailer for Jack and added some Rob game play (from Somewhat Awesome Games) to make a cute parody. I’ll need to fix it some mroe and, obviously, ask permission.

Base line: I would love to do so. But I have no idea how to record X-Box and, even if I did, I doubt it’d be able to by the things required to make it. I also am really bad at social media. This and YouTube is the most community thing I will likely ever use. Hell, I went to my second ever live stream yesterday.


I’d love for the eSports scene to grow!

Problem is, no one wants to watch everyone pick the same comp; vs either Kraken or Wraith.

I remember warching the latest one and everyone always picked Hyde, Crow, Val, Sunny/Hank. It wasn’t that fun to watch as each round got progressively more boring to watch. It was just the same stuff.

I would have loved seeing Goliath, or Behemoth actually be used. Or Cabot, Abe, or Caria.

I would love to see it more, but the “pros” need to use some other characters.


hey puddin’ check this:

Use the upload game studio



Upload Game Studio?


I agree with you puddin’, people should learn how to make good content, content really matters nowdays.



click the link puddin :slight_smile:


Oh! That’s a link! Haha. Thanks! That helps a lot. :slight_smile: Sad that clips can only be five minutes long. Oh well. I’ll play solo until I can get something that records for longer times. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again!


If your gona promote evolve. You need to sell the good and bad.


But watching other people play video games sucks.


Have you ever watched competitive gaming? That stuff is insane!


a game cant become esports potential with a high barrier of entry. needs to be much cheaper or f2p, also needs to be able to run on low end machines. otherwise a fanbase wont grow to enjoy the game, which means they wont care to enjoy the intricacies of professional play.


That’s not true. Look at games like Overwatch, Battleborn.


A little bit. Pass. It isn’t for me. I can see how it wouldn’t be for many people.

Playing video games is mostly what I do when I’m at home and there is nothing else going on. There is no lower tier of stuff to do when bored. I really enjoy video games, so when I’m bored…it isn’t the end of the world. But when would I want to watch video games over playing them?

If I want to watch something “competitive”… MLB, NFL, NBA or NHL. Professional sports (and NCAA) ticks off any box “esports” (a dumb term, imho) does and so much more.


neither have released yet so cant be properly assessed


Puddin’ please read the following link:

eSports vs sports

Harley Quinn