Support with rock wall like shield

Something to throw down that can’t be shot through from either side. This is directly aimed at preventing kraken from body camping from the air with his standard attack.

Another one I thought would be interesting is a support who could block of entrances and exits. I haven’t taken the time to think if every map has an area this is useful not. An example would be a monster goes into a cave and you go around to the exit and throw up a temporary wall (unknown) time or damage before it disappears. It would look similar to a force field like the one mentioned above. Can be used to make a monster turn around or even block off an entrance to an area.

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I want an Assault whose shield isn’t a small circle around him, but a wall in front of him others can hide behind.

Sounds more like a Trapper ability, if implemented correctly.

And by correctly I mean not literally giving a Hunter the ability to completely cockblock a Monster because I can see the potential Monster ragequits coming from over here.

With Behemoth it’s balanced, all he can do is focus one, maybe two targets by cutting the rest off temporarily with a Rock Wall. Maybe he uses it to eat a corpse.

When you give the ability to Hunters, shit’s gonna happen. Cheeky Laz revives from behind a wall, time to completely fortify themselves with Mines and Harpoons, that kind of stuff.

This guy + Laz =


If it helps I didn’t mean the size of behemoths rock wall, but like a personal size. If you see someone put that up near a dead body you could assume laz is heading that way. I wouldn’t want it to be 5 deplorable with this, and you have to remember that hunters can’t shoot through at the monster either.

I would assume it’s personal size, and even if you see it get put up near a dead body, it would be hard to try and stop Laz from getting the rez

I like this idea. Perhaps modify the mechanics a bit, but it could work.

I was thinking a shield bubble deployed by the support which would shield X amount of damage (same as hank and sunny shield battery) but instead of applied to 1 person, it is applied to anyone within the bubble (or behind wall if you prefer a wall).

I’d like to be able to shoot through the bubble. Nobody liked the bubble shield in Destiny when they found out you can’t shoot through it from the inside.

Knockback could still work on those shielded; they would just avoid damage. This would keep Laz revives from being unstoppable.

Depending on the bubble’s effectiveness, maybe allow for more than one bubble deployed at once, either with independent battery charges or shared across all bubbles. So they could stand independently or all collapse simultaneously.

If they’re too powerful, add a negative affect to hunters caught within a shield bubble that is destroyed. Sit behind that bubble wall for too long, and you become slowed by the bubble collapse/implosion.

Laz VS Behemoth

All is needed is 3 tongue grab + 3 rock wall and he call get any body from over 50+ meters.

Edit: Also I feel like a Support should instead have a deployable shield. It would have the same kinda effect as Markov’s Arc Mines when armed but a visible shield, can be passed through by Hunters but cannot be destroyed by the Monster and lasts a couple seconds. Kinda like a larger buble shield from Halo.

Edit2: It would also solve the body camping that Kraken can do from across the map.


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