Support/Trapper item idea

It’s in Slot 3, and they create a kind of wall that has as much HP as a mammoth bird (an ability or a few melees) that the monster can’t go through. Thoughts?

Is that not the same thing as Jack’s repulsors?


I feel like it basically is, only it’s stationary and you have to hit it.

Don’t like it personally but that’s just me.

Me neither.

Sounds like an ungodly mix of the Shield Drone and the Repulsor to me. :stuck_out_tongue: How large would you see it as?

About the size of a S1 Kraken but taller, would have about a 20 sec cooldown

Its like Jacks repulser… but better?! Nope. pls no

Jack’s repulsor is:
-Able to be used on the go
-Able to be angled
-Able to be moved
-Monster can’t avoid unless fleeing

This would be:
-20 second cooldowns between uses
-Able to be used as cover
-Monster can move around it or destroy it easily (4 melees at s1?)

Well that makes it better, still I can already see it being abused somehow…

It’s destroyable in about 2x the time a mammoth bird is destroyed. I don’t see it as a Trapper tool, but as a Support tool. Currently we have 2 defensive supports (Hank, Sunny) that protect the whole team, 1
Trapper-Assist support (Bucket w/UAV), and 1 dmg booster support. This would be a defensive support that assisted the Medic more (healing behind that would be AWESOME)

So it’s kind of like the counterpart to Jacks repulsor, like maggie’s harpoons to griffins, or cross stasis to abes

I think being able to create terrain (basically) would be a pretty interesting tool. I’m not sure if I want the monster to be able to climb it or not though. I don’t think having only the option of bursting through it (or god forbid walking around it) feels right.

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