Support player looking for team (PC)


As title says Im looking for a team (preferred) or players to play with on PC
I don’t expect you to be hardcore player(s) but it would be nice if you know basics of the game

I heavily favour Support characters since I’ve spent most of my Evolve time playing them
I mostly play between 5 PM and 11 PM CET, also sometimes during the night when I don’t have night shift (uhh, rarely happens…)
My own experience so far is about 26 levels in Alpha, 17 levels in Beta and 20 on live

Steam ID: Phoria NS
Age: 27
Location: Finland
Mic: Yes

You can send me a request on Steam or just reply to this topic
Also if you have a team of friends etc, and you just want a “backup” Support player, I’m game !
Thank you for your time

PS. I tried Gridom but I rarely see any players or teams around, sadly


TAW’s actively recruiting if you’re interested. Although I vaguely seem to remember asking you before. Or at least I intended to if I have not yet.

In case I haven’t told you yet, we’re found at our website and currently have an EU group already set up with a couple of EU members already joined or in the process of signing up. If you’d like to join our EU folks you can sign up for Evolve’s 2nd Battalion (#2 = EU).

TAW members can play the game anytime together due to our private teamspeak and private clan Steam group for Evolve (TAW Evolve). We will be having twice a week meetings but if you can’t attend it’s not a big deal as long as you opt-out of the individual meeting you can’t make in advance through the site.

If you’re interested register with us at the site I listed above. If you’d like more info ask me and I’ll be glad to assist you. I’ll friend invite you on Steam so you can contact me easily.

Grengras / TAW-MMO / MMOhealer
(TRS forums & Twitch / Steam & Evolve In-game / TAW handle)


Thanks for your reply, I will keep that in mind but if I understood correctly TAW has some requirements - like those meetings - and when I have to schedule things like that part of my gaming becomes an obligation. For an older player like me (than average) it’s not always a good thing. I have almost 20 years of MMO experience with guilds and clans, from member and officer point of view. Commitment can make your gaming experience better but it can also do completely opposite and kill your interest to the game when you “have to do” this and that.

But like I said I’ll keep that in mind. If I decide to apply I will probably bomb you with tons of questions on Steam.

Still hoping to find some less organized teams to play with since matchmaking is not friendly for those queueing skirmish alone.


Been wondering if I should make my own thread about this.

I’m playing with some good players I met in my games, currently between lvls 30-40.

I played both alpha and the beta as much as I could… tbh a little too much :stuck_out_tongue:
I too share your opinion of obligation/playing
I’m 28, wife and a daughter. My usual playtime is the same as yours.
I’m not the best top 100 but I’m certainly not bad at all. I play almost all hunters. Hit me up on steam, I’m at the office now.

Steam ign - “mamataaaa” (Emnity)


Sorry Emnity, I couldn’t find you from steam under any of those names you posted.
Steam gave me quite a few players with same name as yours but none of them had Evolve in their library.

If you can add me instead my steam ID is “Phoria NS”.
There are few others with Phoria in their names but only me with NS in the end.