Support player LF permanent team


Looking for an established team who’s in need of a good support role. My expectations of a team are that everyone be an effective communicators with the common goal of making our team as tactical and precise as possible, all while making FUN the number priority. I’m Elite with Sunny and currently ranked #33 in the U.S. and #57 globally. I have a mic as well.

PSN ID: Ghost_XVll

that’s 2 lowercase L’s not uppercase eyes


We have a small clan called Nova that focuses on tactical Evolve gameplay with a PS4 subdivision! You can PM me on here or check out the topic I posted recently in the Looking for Member category. I can provide you with more info if you ask!


I’m game bro… something is better than nothing. My PSN ID is


that’s 2 lowercase L’s on the end not uppercase EYES. hit me up


I’ll shoot you an an invite and go from there!