Support onPC need group


I play Hank as my main. Played in Alpha and Beta. I have two guys I play with a lot but they don’t play as much as I like to. If anyone needs a good support let me know. Steam name is Wrenagade419.
I like to shield my teammates a lot and have a pretty decent beard if I do say so myself. Hit me up on steam if you want to play.

The other guys I play with use trapper as a main, the other guy doesn’t care if it’s assault or medic as he likes both styles of play. Thanks… later… or toodles… or something.


Might I suggest using these two threads?


TAW is recruiting players if you’re still looking Wren. We have our own teamspeak and steam evolve clan group which combines to make it a lot easier to find consistent groups. If you’d like to join us you can register with us at or if you would like more information on the clan feel free to ask me.