Support looking for a more competitive group on PC [US]


Hi, I have been playing intermittently since alpha. Looking to get more serious and play with a competitive team. I main support, but can also play assault sufficiently. I can play the first three supports very well, haven’t unlocked Sunny yet. Currently level 26, if that matters. Hit me up on Steam if you are interested.
I prefer cool headed and level minded people
I don’t mind a fresh team or someone looking to start something new, I am patient.


You may be able to find some team mates in our Steam group, May be worth a look.


We also have a group that has a Steam subdivision, the tactical Evolve clan Nova, and if you PM me or comment on my previous post I can get you into admission! We value fun, competitiveness and friendly players above all else! So if you’re interested you can message me!


do you need a member?