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I’ve seen a lot of cool support ideas recently, and it would be cool if we could all organize them here. Post your support ideas here or link other support threads! :smile:

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Before I share any of my ideas i would like to say that I want have tier 5 to be as good as caira/hank combo because I am so sick of seeing mostly caira/hank in high level play. I also wanted to take a different approach than caira/hank, especially for support. So here is my 2 support ideas becuase this is the support section. Also, not all of these are my ideas completely, there is some original and some gear ideas taken from support idea thread. I just specified gear and organized them into hunters.


DAMAGE DEALER: Decay Rifle(original idea)

A lock-on white beam weapon that does low damage to living biomass and high damage to dead biomass.
This rifle is meant to decay dead fauna. The idea is that if this support goes around the map decaying food along the way, it will be difficult for monsters to get to stage 3 and also build armor. This weapon also does high damage to armor(because armor is like dead skin cells packed together in my mind).
This weapon would be long range, 40-60m, and would do about 1/4 dps of lightning gun(can be changed) to living things. Now the dead things on the other hand… The decay rifle would decay meat at the same speed a monster eats fauna and it would take longer the more meat there is(ex. mammoth bird would take 3x longer than reaver).
Has capacity similar to cabot’s damage amp.
The gun would do 1 armor bar at the same speed it takes to decay one meat. When a monster eats 1 meat they get 1 armor bar so it would decay same speed. I know behemoth gets 1.5 armor bar per meat but decaying 1.5 on behemoth would defeat the purpose of that buff.

SUPPORT TOOL: Cloak Gun(in current support idea thread, specifics original)

LoS invisible beam that cloaks hunters and daisy that uses the Team Cloak as a battery. Does not replace Team Cloak.
Keeping teammates hidden or getting them out of danger.
So first thing is that this supports cloak recharges faster than any other support(like 1.5x but could be changed for balance of course). This hunter would be able to use the Cloak Gun until the battery hit zero. However, like hank’s shield, he would be able to stop using it and let recharge. Once the battery hits zero he would have to wait until it recharges to 100%.
The team cloak could be used at any time but it would only last as long as how much battery there is and would always drop it to zero(NOT A TOGGLE). So the punishment for cloaking himself would be that cloak gun is on hold til recharge to 100%.
There would be no beam showing, that would defeat the purpose, and it would have range as much as hank’s shield.

GADGET: Warp Transporter(in support idea thread)

LoS that need long hold on activation button to confirm. Would teleport teammate to supports location. Long Cooldown. Tech found from studying wraith.
Uses: Saving teammates.
Stats: Long Cooldown(20s but changes with balancing). This is really just a thing to waste a slot, Decay Rifle and Cloak Gun are already 90% what a support needs. Infinite range to help teleport trapper to monster for dome to help with early game somehow. Also would have long lock on confirmation time, like placing a spike. It would show similar graphic to wraith warp that shows general direction.


Because of his name, cloak based abilities, and decay rifle, Ghost would be a morbid focused kind of guy. Likes gore, assassin like, but not psychotically like hyde likes burning. He would be good friends with Laz not only because of their characters, but because they would be a good combo in battle as well with the cloak gun and all.


At first the cloak gun may seem OP but cloak doesn’t save you from damage so it could only be used effectively before the monster has sight of player or after its lost sight which good monsters won’t. Most monsters have learned to smell footprints or predict movement or use abilities like lava bomb or fire breath. Besides, medics reveal themselves when they heal so it wouldn’t be that good.
The decay rifle might also seem UP at first but a player who knows the game can see the destruction it could bring. First of all armor would be melted in a matter of seconds. Wraith’s would be gone in <9 seconds, Kraken in <15 seconds, Goliath in <18 seconds and Behemoths in <21 seconds.
Also, getting to stage 3 is already difficult in ESL with holding domes and the 3-1 split strategy. Enough time decaying food, and because the less live animals there are the less respawn, this would make it pretty damn difficult to get to stage 3.
Decay beam is also lock on and high range so it would help vs. Kraken.
So it is critical for Ghost to use decay rifle because cloak gun vs stage 3 is not as good as shield gun vs stage 3.
Delaying evolving also bring 20 minute time limit into play. Ghost would use the time to his advantage.
Warp would be good and I’m considering replacing with another weapon because of how good decay+cloak gun is already, but the high cooldown I think should be enough to counter it. Think of the Warp as a worse version of sunny jetpack booster.

What do you guys think about Ghost? Remember I want him to be as good as Hank, but he works completely different.


DAMAGE DEALER: Auto 50 Caliber Rifle(original idea)

A long range rifle that has slower fire rate with high damage. Would do 3x in headshots/belly instead of 2x.
Doing high damage.
Would have the fire rate a bit slower than crows rifle when firing as fast as possible. Has 6 bullets per clip and would have decent reload speed. Would do damage equal to sunny’s nukes. They would be hard to hit however but head shots would pay off big time. It would totally be a skill shot weapon.

SUPPORT TOOL: Healing Amplifier(found somewhere on forums)

Targets one single hunter and increase the rate at which they are healed. So you wouldn’t target a Val and she now heals other teammates twice as fast(So the only time copper would target val is for healing burst to double self heal) Would have infinite battery. A blue beam maybe? Now that I think about it, the amp might have limited capacity depending on how good it is.
Doubling the medics capabilities.
Infinite battery(or limited capacity depending on how good it is), range as far as medgun.

GADGET: Mobile Drone(original idea)

A destroy-able drone that has two modes, Offense, and Defense. Offense mode would need Copper to lock onto monster, at that point, the drone would follow the monster and constantly shoot at it, preventing feeding and giving location. The shooting however would give away that it is tracking so the monster would be able to swat it away easily, so it should only be used while the monster is distracted in combat. Defense mode also needs Copper to lock on but to a hunter teammate. The drone would hover above the teammate and would not get destroyed once the hunter gets hit unlike slims drone. The drone would shoot any wildlife that is attacking the hunter or any wildlife the hunter is attacking.
Tracking monster and doing damage or defending against pounces whilst dealing damage.
Infinite ammo like bucket drones(I think). Would have range about .75x bucket drones(could be changed obviously). Have health that sunny’s drone had originally. Puts out damage about as much as Markov’s AR.


Would be helpful, friendly, early 30’s guy. He is like a medic wannabe with his healing amp. The healing amp defines more of his character than any of his other gear.


He would output some pretty good damage if the monster doesn’t watch out. At stage one, Copper would be more inclined to do damage because the medic can really hold their own. At stage three, Copper would most likely be on the Healing Amp more.
However, damage would be more of a backup thing for copper. I would never want him to out damage Bucket or Cabot so it would be balanced to where that wouldn’t happen.
The Healing Amp is extremely risky. I’m sure Copper would never be used in Pubs because medics are iffy. Coordination would be key but it would pay off hugely. Whilst Ghost would help Laz, Copper would be good combo with Slim and Val, but especially Slim.
If timed right, Val and Slim could double their self healing capabilities.
Think of standing on a perch with slim sending out heal bursts every 3 seconds. Copper just targets the person with lowest health(as long as they are in heal burst radius, which is likely with slim) and they will get healed twice as fast. It’s like Copper is playing val at that point. It would be fun.
It wouldn’t be so good with Caira because she can’t heal herself with grenades while being stunned and her heal burst takes forever.
The drone is iffy. It as high health and high damage and creates a distraction so I guess it is actually pretty good. Wouldn’t be so good at tracking the monster, which is good because I don’t want Copper to be just a better version of Bucket.
I’m pretty sure people enjoy skill shots in games so the auto 50 cal would be fun.

So what do you think of Copper? Remember I’m trying to make a supports as good as Hank, especially in competitive play.

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OK, so I posted this guy in a different thread, but I’ll post him here too I guess.

TYPE: Support :support:
NAME/ALIAS: Barry Oum (named after the element Barium)

DESCRIPTION: Oum wears a yellow, armored hazmat suit to protect himself from the weapons he wields. He has a glass covering in front of his face so he can see, revealing a horribly scarred and burnt face. He has a very a dry or dark sense of humor, and a robotic voicebox implant that makes him sound more like a droid, while at the same time having an overlapping, and very raspy, human voice.

SKILL 1: Radiation Cannon- This weapon fires a continuous burst of deadly radiation in a short, wide cone in front of Oum. At first, the cone does very little damage. However, the longer a hostile is in the radiation beam, the more damage is taken over time (for example, every second staying in the beam doubles the previous damage done to them). Best used in one continuous burst to maximize damage.

SKILL 2: Viral Crossbow- A hand crossbow that shoots bacterial bolts. If this is shot into wildlife, and the monster eats it, it takes damage over time depending on how much meat they ate. The bolts themselves do not harm wildlife, just makes them toxic to eat. This is not an item, and not affected by the 5-item rule. This can be most easily compared to Abe’s darts, if they dealt damage-over-time instead of tracked.

Viral damage does NOT interrupt a feeding monster. Viral damage is stackable ONLY when eating meat (for example, if the monster eats 1 meat, they take X damage over Y time. If he eats 4 meat, they take X times 4 damage over Y times 4 time, and so on). A bolt can be shot directly into the monster, but will deal less that 1 meat worth of damage, and will have NO effect if the monster is already taking viral damage from the bolts (if a monster ate a 4 meat, then shortly got shot with a bolt, the monster will still take 4X damage over 4Y time). This is to prevent using an anti-feeding tool as a potential primary weapon, or a substitute to the Radiation Cannon, while at the same time not being useless in the middle of a fight, and actually worth something in long-ranged combat.

SKILL 3: Painkiller Generator- Oum throws down an item that sprays gas in a radius around it. Anyone hunter standing in the area will take reduced damage from incoming attacks. The gas is affected by gravity, and will fall over cliffs and such. These are treated as deployable items, limited to 5, and can be destroyed.

SKILL 4: Cloaking Field

PERSONALITY: Former Chemtrooper. Has very little regard for human welfare, and is an extremely apathetic person. Shows little to no emotion. Is very straightforward, and lets logic rule his actions. Prefers using harmful substances to combat his foes, and beneficial drugs to support his allies. Has previous ties with Hyde, and acknowledges him as an acquaintance, but not a friend. Despite practically being the emotional polar opposite of Hyde, they are on good terms. He also puts Abe on edge, as he is “one creepy bastard”, as Abe would put it. The closest thing Oum has to a friend would probably Caira, as they are both scientists at heart.

While a scientist (mainly a chemist), both he and Caira love to study the monsters. However, if Caira is the science nerd of the group, Oum would be the mad scientist, because his goals are far more sinister. Oum has a desire to weaponize the monsters, to use their body parts and attempt to engineer them into efficient ways of killing things. In this way he also works with Abe, as after Oum discovers a way to weaponize the parts, Abe would help him put it into weapon form. Exactly what Oum wants this for though, he will not say.

A bit of dialog I’ve come up with:
Caira: Hyde, if you could do me a favor, I’d like to get some brain tissue sample, so try not to melt the thing’s face this time.
Oum: Yes Hyde, share the toys with everyone else.
Hyde: Oh. But I like melting faces.
Caira: Yeah, I know you do. I’m just saying, like, this one time, melt something else?
Oum: If you do this, I may be able to make you shiny new flamethrower. More firepower to melt faces. Will be much fun, yes?
Hyde: I dunno. Ask a man not to melt faces. Meltin’ faces is what I do.
Caira: Fine. I’ll get the next brain.
Oum: Stubborn oaf…

TACTICS: Whereas some supports encourage a more offensive approach (looking at you, Cabot), Oum is all about defense. While in combat, Oum uses his deployables to protect himself and his teammates from harm, perhaps rivaling even Hank with defense in this regard, as he can protect multiple teammates at once. He can also force a monster to back off fairly well, as his primary weapon can turn very dangerous if ignored for too long. Even out of combat, he is a force to be reckoned with, as he can effectively ruin any meat that he comes into contact with, making future fights more favorable for the hunters. His biggest weakness is his set-up time with all his weapons, he needs to deploy painkillers, he needs to poison wildlife, he needs to keep the monster in his range to build up damage. However, once he has everything together, he is an incredibly powerful force.
All in all, a fantastic choice for whoever likes to play heavy defense for the team.


Healing amp sounds like it could be extremely strong medic is getting focused use it on him just before he heal bursts he has 50% health back.

Mobile drone sounds very interesting


Yet think about what hank does, completely preventing damage. Remember that the healing amp is the only support tool. So the heal busy method you mention is necessary for chipper to have an effect on the team. Everyone of his other abilities is damage focused.
Like I said before, think about what sunny and hank do and how much they increase medics survivability.


It could definitely work and it would fix some of the problems Val or Laz have with selfhealing but if it had an infinite battery it would be too strong if it had the same charge as val’s medgun so it effectively doubled her healing it might be more balanced I could definitely see it being OP though.


All these ideas are cool. I really like the radiation gun. Seems like exactly what a support would have.
His other gear is cool to, especially the bows because of the potential to take health after evolve.
The fact that you can throw 5 painkiller generators is a little crazy. Remember that even if a monster can destroy then, it takes time for him to do so, mean while the radiation damage is stacking up or barry is placing another generator.


Barry oum deals 2 kinds of damage: radiation and viral. I’ll talk rads first. If you deal radiation damage with a full clip, we’ll say damage potential is at a maximum. When not using the radiation weapon, damage potentail “cools down”. Damage isn’t a DoT, but continuous bombardment of the rads cannon adds up to a lot of damage.
Viral isn’t too powerful in combat, but excels out of it. Tagging wildlife can make later level 2 or level 3 fights more favorable for the team.
From this, unless the monster is taking viral damage (again,not too effective in combat), while Oum is setting up generators, he is not dealing any damage, and all radiation damage potential he built up to this point will be reduced significantly. Also, should a hunter be standing too close to a generator, sure the next attack would deal reduced damage, but the generator would aslo be taken out.
There could also be set up time that a generator has to go through after being deployed before generating painkillers. The range of the painkillers and effectiveness of them can also be easily changed to suit a balanced playstyle.


This is the first Hunter in my team which I am reposting with the revisions I have made based on the comments from last time
I feel like the huge 3000 word comment may have discouraged some people from reading last time so I’m splitting the hunters up when i post them this time.(Also the general Hunter thread died [with me actually, pretty discouraging] and these threads specify Hunter class.
So here is my 1400 word description of my :support: character, Ranger.

Ranger is Support class though he wears full body armor (including a helmet covering his face completely). Over the top of that he has black duster, ten-gallon hat and bandoleirs across his chest holding his main weapons, the six-shooters. This character is mostly built around evading damage.

Y-Six-Shooters: Dual wielded rotary-energy pistols with a total of 12 energy rounds per clip . Rapid fire, high accuracy, moderate recharge and deals heavy damage per clip/ low-moderate damage per successful shot (energy weapons possible due to modified hard light tech used for Trapper domes and personal shields).

B- Hard-Light Clone: Zooms in on another Hunter to set gun to create a copy of that Hunter anytime he presses LT (!5 second cooldown starting after copy dies). This copy will use the originals primary weapon and deal full damage but will dissipate immediately when it takes any damage. To the monster it will appear with a healthbar which will drop to match the originals and thus could be used as an effective distraction or alternately it could just be used to get some extra damage in before the Monster hits the copy.

LB-Phase jump: Similar to Wraith movement ability (as it is sourced from the Wraith Trap project) Ranger can teleport short distances(exact distance undecided) bringing along any hunters within a 5 metre radius at the time of the jump, if monster is within 5 metres it will receive moderate to heavy damage depending on how close it was. Can use twice in a row. Takes 5 seconds to recharge after one jump and 15 seconds if he uses both. Can be used to confuse monster, dodge attacks, traverse cliffs faster if aimed up, evac incapped hunters near a camping monster (hopefully reviving them before the monster catches on), help other hunters evade high damage attacks.

RB-Cloak Field:

He has spent the majority of his adult life as a loner mercenary and over time has stopped placing value on human life and shows a callous humour in most of his interactions with other hunters. He treats everything like a joke and maintains a calm if not outright amused demeanor in all situations. He is one of the most famous and feared mercenaries in the galaxy but there is not one person besides Angel (check below) who can claim to know his real name, home-planet or even ethnicity. His main motivation for fighting is to fund the creation of new technology (all his tech was self made) and generally make himself more powerful. He thinks that the Monsters have been created from humans and has aspirations to eventually become one (with his mind intact of course). He trusts almost nobody but when someone does earn his trust he becomes a loyal friend always willing to help. He spent the last several months working for EbonStar on Shear and assisted in capturing the Wraith in Wraith-Trap for which he charged access to any data they got off of it (which he used to create the Phase Jump built into his armour).would appreciate it if you could cast a Kiwi for the voice actor (we are seriously under-represented in games). Ranger, along with the following three other Hunters I will be adding later, joined the Crew when they were rescued from a full-on Monster assault that wiped out the Ebon-Star base they were working out of. He follows Cabots lead (only so far as he feels like) but maintains that he and the other hunters in his tier are independant contractors. “Nordita pays me to save colonists and EbonStar pays me to kill Monsters. The Marshal drives me around. Where in this equation was i supposed to develop any loyalty or respect for my chauffer.”

Possible Quotes
When helping up survivor: “Do we get paid commission for these cos im pretty sure weve got enough to earn a paycheck”

When reviving Hunter: “If you fall down again im not gonna help you, might even steal your shoes or something”.

When Monster reaches stage 3: “well were fucked or, more accurately, you things are bait”.

Ranger’s nicknames for the Crew (dont have one for Markov or Maggie)
(These are my other Hunters below)
Angel-Angel(It was originally a nickname)
Tua-Queen Bee

Dropship conversations (may add more as i think of them)
Caira: So you’re a mercenary, what sort of work do you do.
Ranger: Well my most well known job was the Hub sattelite over (planet name here, not going to invent one and screw up the canon).
Didn’t that satellite crash into the capital city.
Yep. That was me. Some rich fucker was tired of not being slightly richer and wanted to inspire his countrymen to try and seperate from Hub. I make it look like Hub incompetence killed a few thousand colonists and boom youve got an uprising. Well technically it was more of a craaashraww or something but you get the point.
You destroyed an entire city! You know Hub is still looking for you.
Not me specifically, nobody knows about my involvement. I know because Hub hired me to go back there and assassinate the separatist leader a couple months later. Same guy who hired me for the satellite job actually. (chuckles) The look on his face (sighs) Priceless.
You’re a monster!
Not yet, but if we do find out how they make these things. You never know.

Ranger: Why do we keep sending teams out to places like this?
Parnell: What do you mean “places like this”?
Ranger: You know: remote bases and shit with tiny populations. Everybody else is evacuating population centres and at the end of the day theyll come back talking about killing swarms of monsters and saving hundreds of people and what will we be able to say? “We killed one monster then saved ten people and a shit-load of birds so equal contributions all round”.
Parnell: You cant reduce human lives to numbers
Ranger: Oh,you’re a hero type (chuckles) we’ll see how long that lasts in this line of work
Parnell: What is that supposed to mean
Ranger: We all go into mercenary work expecting to be the “noble outlaw” kid, and we all get a dose of reality sooner or later.

Ranger: So, how does that glove of yours work
Lazarus: Noone but the Lazarus Men know
Yeah, thats cause you dont tell anyone. Rather easily solved problem actually
I cannot tell you
Sure you can, just say [mimics Laz’s voice] “Here Ranger, take this apart and learn how it works so that everyone on the team can have one but make sure you get my one back together fast because, as a zombie, I start decomposing rather quickly without my glove”.
I am not a zombie
Isnt that exactly the sort of thing youd expect a zombie to say
Trapper/Assault: variation of “No, zombies say argh etc”
Ranger: That is a stereotype and I demand you apologise to my friend Zed here for your racism.

Ranger: 87
Slim: What?
I heard you ask Angel if we had ever hunted rouge Basilisk soldiers. She told you to ask me but you havent yet so im answering in advance. 87
Holy shit! I didnt even know there were that many of us left outside of Bodes world
There arent now
Hey fuck you man
Dont take it the wrong way. Most of the rouges i killed were either insane or plain assholes. I would have killed them anyway but i only make jokes when they deserve it.
Good to know youll take murdering me real seriously
Actually I allready sent out word that you’re under my protection. It should be enough to keep most bounty hunters and mercenaries of your back from now on. I cant speak for Hub forces but as long as you stick to the Far Arm you should be fine.
Um… thanks but… why?
Maybe i like you Fairy, or maybe i dont want competition in hunting you down once we’re done here. I’ll have picked one by the end of the week.


A Support Idea I haven’t seen yet is one that debuffs the monster.

It makes sense, all the others buff the Hunters. They buff Damage, Movement, Damage Resistance. The only potential Hunter Buff could be reload but most good Hunters just swap weapons and let them reload in the background. Or Healing, that could be cool too.

Now to Debuff the Monster would be interesting. Trappers CC already restrict movement so that wouldn’t really be necessary. How about damage? They could do something like the opposite of the Broken Hills Mine Buff, where if a Monster wins Evac it’s melee is buffed. Support could have a weapon that weakens the melee strike.

Or it could mess with the ability cooldown. A monster like Kraken doesn’t really rely too much on melee as abilities so what if increased the Monster’s cooldowns?

Of course either one of those could be crippling to a Monster if combined with the right amount of CC and a competent Medic. How would these be applied? Another capacity beam? Talk about stale concepts, it could work like a Toxic Grenade or Spore Cloud, but has the potential to be spammable. What if the Support could use something like casting some magic or something, like what Kraken does. Hell have them be a mysterious character.


That’s an interesting idea. Never thought about debuffing the monster, sounds cool but hard to balance considering some monster use melee mpre than others


Yeah, if balanced right it could be cool


I noticed you said that the only other support option left was reload increase or healing. I suggest looking through this thread because there are some pretty unique ideas. (Hint hint, look at my idea :wink:)


I meant including yours already of course. I didn’t want to repeat them lol


So unloved, so neglected :cry:


I didnt forget about barrium over there :smile:
I did say the rest of the thread, just hunted at mine.


I’d love to see a support who actually has a physical shield, like a wall he could hold that stops monster abilities. Like Braum from League of Legends, but in this game.


I’m not sure if there was an idea like this in this thread, but it’s popped up before in others. I’ve personally called it the Hardlight Wall, because I imagine it being made out of the same stuff as the dome. People have also suggested that trappers get it as their CC.


Whoever it is, there needs to be a hunter (support seems most fitting) who’s got a permenant scowl on their face, so harsh that you never see their eyes, a mustache at least twice the size of Griffin’s, and a scottish accent so powerful, his words are nigh incomprehensible.

And he refers to everyone as Freggehs.