Support for the game


support for the game .
good mresento : I 'm johnny infant and want to give this support to see if they like it or not.
what if they make a game mode which can be creatures? example : you can control the birds , the monster that it looks like a crocodile. something like the isle , resiclando maps and stuff, because you have to acceptarlo maps are great for that, I think I 'd rather ACCEPTANCE because it would be like " wou " because they are " living " and in another universe , controlling creatures you did not think that would exist and stuff. but that if I think too long Plaso would have to be putting new beasts (not that you can use now , if not , the you have to eat the spectrum for example .) It was a pleasure to give you my idea for a new way, and do not hesitate to use it if they want :slight_smile: , no problem , I say goodbye and see you soon .