:support: Does this mean Tier 5 Support will be out by? :support:


Since everything is rolling so fast, does this mean the new support will be out by the Start of February or mid Feb.

Was it like 3 characters in less than 1 month…




Well, there was about a 5 week gap between Meteor Goliath and Gorgon if my memory is serving me correctly. So, I’m thinking February 10, which is not a Tuesday… but Evolve’s first anniversary.


Yep. I’d wager she’ll be out 10th Feb.


The variants are easier to get out, its mostly just changing mechanics of already existing characters, comming up with an entirely new character and its kit can require a LOT more work.

With that said, I’m loving the variants so far, they feel like entirely new characters on their own.


oh yes, the idea itself is spectacular… Who would of known that a version of a different character would be so much fun.


I’m hoping we get a teaser any day now.


If the support came out February that would be an awesome birthday gift to me! I’m hoping she’s released on the anniversary of evolves release date .


T5 will probably come out in February and we’ll get a few teases here and there in January Imo.


If they won’t tease on january then she will be released on march


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