Support cloak


Do i really need to say?, support cloak is a joke It’s so easily countered by monsters, is there any buffs being done to it?


The joke is that no one who really plays support uses to SUPPORT their team. They only use it to ensure their own survival. Best way to win a game is to use communication and use the cloak to your advantage to help recover from losing battles, help teammates survive and not just have the support running for their life from the monster.


What? Support cloak is great, you need to learn to use it efficiently.


I like to pull the ol’ switcheroo when I’m Bucket or Cabot. If I’m Hank or Sunny I’ve got better defensive tools and cloak is only needed in a real pinch, but when I’m one of the other two and I see Trapper or Medic getting pinned down and crushed I’ll dive in and cloak them and then let myself get revealed by the monster.

Whether it’s because the monster isn’t paying attention to names or just doesn’t feel like chasing after another cloaked hunter, usually they’ll go after me for long enough for the other player to get away or recover some health. Against less good monsters I can cloak in and both of us can run away safe, but that’s much more rare these days.


It’s more easily countered the wraith cloak


If you’re being countered that much, you must learn to use it correctly…


I think after 250h on this game i know how to use it correctly if any monster knows they can counter it easily, you can easily see a cloaked hunter if he is moving or not


All I see are posts complaining about monsters and now asking for a buff to support’s cloak. I’m surprised someone hasn’t inserted the “git gud” pic yet.

Cloak is fine and can be used very effectively, you just need your team to be on the same page and not just continue to shoot the monster instead of using the cover of the cloak to get to safety so the healer can heal them.


Learn to counter the counters, and juke… Cloak isn’t that hard to use.


It’s not but how easy it is to find a cloaked hunter is stupid


Wanna leave no trail? Look for water. Every monster worth their salt knows this and hunters can use it as well.


Learn to not be found, be unpredictable… -.-


If you’re the only one still alive and the only one leaving footprints or jetpack trails sure you’re gonna be easy to find.

In a dome fight, however, having people pop in and out of cloak all over the place can be really frustrating for the monster.


I always find it hard to find specific people in support cloak as monster. Just cause they can be anywhere in the cloak. Supports are easy to find if I’m looking for them, especially when they are predictable with it. Combat cloaking is pretty underrated imo, I also have trouble with slim clouds and they are essentially the same thing. Cloaking from a distance works better than cloaking close to the monster because you are widening your possibilities with distance.


Lots of support used it when they were getting hit/focus, which is …not entirely wrong…

but …as a support , you should cloak when ur medic/ needed it ( sometimes trapper/assault ).


Cloaking + Slim’s Cloud makes you vanish completely.


My best suggestion is to use the cloak if you think someone is gonna get hard focused, because waiting for a hunter to be at half health or lower to cloak them is usually the way you catch a YOLO ability to the face :stuck_out_tongue:


Might as well gouge my eyes out at that point.

However, that is a bit redundant.


This is probably my color blindness speaking… But NO! Please no! As Monster, I could never find a cloaked Hunter. Their footprints are 100% invisible to me. Even without, when I’m frantically pounding on a cloaked Hunter, I can’t see them because my big ass monster model is blocking my view. They really are damn near impossible to find.


You just need to learn how and whe to use it. For instance if you just run away from the monster they can still see your footprints. That is why you jump instead. Also dont activate while your being covered in flame breath