Support class tips and tricks


Want to know how people play support, who has the best kit and what is the main focus of support when fighting the monster.

I’m trying to make it on a team for a tourney and want every advantage I can get.


Orbital incaps who are being camped by the monster for last second stealth pickups – or just watch the monster get blown up. His call.
Shield everything every. You have infinite health at your command. Time it right and you could be revered as a god.

Preset sentries in places of likely monster traffic, as they can act as pseudo sensors for his location.
Try to position yourself wisely when using the UAV as you are vulnerable and immobile during its usage. If your team keeps tracking, you will fall behind. They’ll need you.
Punish monsters for camping Incaps using turrets, and stealth for pickups when possible.


As hank don’t activate your shield generator until your teammate is about to take actual damage. It might not drain unless damage is being but it won’t recharge while you have it turned on.

It’s not so big a deal when the battery is full but in actual combat you must let it rest as often as possible. When the monster isn’t doing damage don’t keep it on.


Another tipp for bucket:
When the dome goes down (better even a bit before) use your UAV and mark the monster for better follow up.


Does anyone have a preference or argument on who is the best choice for support?


Knowing the right moment to pop the cloak is crucial, whether that’s disorientating the Monster mid-fight, escaping, or less commonly, sneaking up on the Monster.


It’s not a matter of who’s the ‘best’, it’s a matter of what your play style is and how you choose counter the Monster.


Each have their strengths and weaknesses. There is no best of any class.


I understand that but that doesn’t address that question. Describe what play styles both are. Tell me what you have found to be effective. I know my play style. So based on the info people give me I can make the judgement call on who to play and maybe how to play them a bit better.


Both? Well there are three since there’s three Supports. What is your play style, by the way? That way I can probably make a better suggestion for you.


Here is a guide that has information about the support classes. Realize that most of us have only played the alpha. Second everyone plays differently. Having people tell you how to play is only so helpful.

Lastly remember there are no rules only guidelines.

PS I will post my actual opinions when I get to a computer.


Can’t play the 3rd class in the open beta coming next week, which makes that class irrelevant right now. I am normally an aggressive player not one to sit around and wait. Now you might suggest that i try a different class but that isn’t an option on this team. This means I have to adapt a bit more to patience. I really just want peoples descriptions on what they do when playing this class or more so what are there priorities in-game.


If you have an aggressive play style, then I’d say Bucket, who’s about protecting and supporting the team in offensive ways, rather than Hank who does it defensively. Bucket has the tools to keep pestering the Monster, such as the sentry guns, that’ll create a killzone for the Monster if he steps inside. They’re really good for constant chipping away at the Monster’s armour/health, since they’re relentless and pretty accurate. They’ll also aim for weak spots.

His guided missile launcher does what it says really, it’s a bigger damage dealer than Hank’s laser cutter, and is very good at making contact due to the guiding laser.

The UAV is great for keeping on the Monster’s heels, giving him no room to breath. It’s an offensive weapon, and will make sure the Monster has a hard time escaping you.


do you like bursting for big damage with a well timed (coordinated mostly) strike? or do you like constant dps to help your teammates?

for aggressive offensive capabilities bucket has the higher DPS overall. especially within the famous trap team. 5 sentries will shred a monster to peices. sentries also shoot a decent range AND make use of sniper multipliers.

Hank however is no pushover. if you trust your team in dodging then hanks lazer cutter does a ton of damage when your sniper adds markers. a good griffin harpoon or a maggie trap with one orbital strike can turn the tide of battle in an instant. most will take 3-4 bars of armor but a good trap (or bad monster :slight_smile: ) will take upwards to 8 bars of armor! thats insane if you can wombo combo with a solid team.

now onto defensive capabilities.
bucket can zone with damage…sort of. its like a Dont go here without eating damage type thing. the monster can and will destroy your sentries tho. bucket does however have guided missiles. great for stopping eating, or stopping generator attacks from a safe distance.

hank has the almighty shield. the reason the telemetry shows bucket as the 4th highest damage is because hanks will be shielding most of the fights. its dumb not to make use of it. but if your team can avoid it then you as hank can go agro with the team.

lastly tracking- its everyones job to track the monster

bucket- UAV. this is the big debate on whether Bucket is worth choosing over the others. simply because he cannot move. a common strat when the trail is cold (no tracks) is for the team to wait towards the middle of the map. then have bucket fly a UAV to find the monster. mentioned earlier was the UAV just before the dome goes down so the monster will be tracked when he flees.

hank- stare at tracks. make educated guesses. no really he has nothing :slight_smile:

bucket-active on the battlefield. aggresive support chosen because the team needs some extra firepower or are confident they dont need a shield. can lay 5 turrets around the dome to give constant dps. or condense them into one area to make a choke point for max damage. works well with traps and lazarus comps.

hank-defender on the battlefield. after using the orbital hank will mostly be shielding his teammates who are getting pummeled. however more often than not, Hank is actually the main target of the team. after the big alpha most discovered that the key to breaking this team is killing hank first. otherwise you get nowhere. you can go agro but too much agro will cost you lives or strikes on your teammates when you could have been bucket for that amount of damage. works GREAT with trap teams but requires the monster to fall for it and be stuck. missing orbitals severely hurts your teams chances to win.

hope that helps. any other questions feel free to ask.

lol i type alot


I think you have it wrong. Hank has way more agro when he is shielding team mates then when he is firing his gun. If he’s firing his gun I don’t really consider him the biggest problem at that moment since he’s not actually stopping me from going after my biggest target.
The reason Hank is such a big target for most people is because he actually stops you from going after your biggest target.


oh i might have worded it wrong? i ment when hank is shielding he becomes a huge target. I would try to look for hank before he sheilds so that i dont waste time getting shot. Im a monster player so i studied the crap out of my adversaries :smile:

the agro part was meant for this guy’s playstyle meaning going offensive and attacking. you can attack and put out good damage as hank. but the cost of teammates is generally not a good trade. when i played as hank i found myself only doing orbitals and shielding. we won most of them. i wish i unlocked bucket that will be my goal of the beta.


I see what you mean now. That was the case with me and Hank as well. If I could whip the gun out and do some damage that’s nice but normally I would be too busy with the crucial shields.


we wont get to see the third tier in the beta. but i think caira, bucket, abe and parnell/markov wud be a hella good team comp. gonna be lame to first find the monster. but once you find him its over. speed boosts and constant decent to long range firepower meaning its gonna be really hard to eat and stage up.

the counter is to not get caught until full armor stage 2 and fight them to the death. easier said than done


I think Abe with either Bucket or Cabot is a nice combo. He’s not the greatest at finding the monster but it is hard for the monster to lose him. I think that goes well with having a second ability to help find the monster.



Move to higher ground. Having the high ground makes it easier to survey the fight and react accordingly. You can see who needs shielding and when the Monster is in a position that makes it easy to be hit with the barrage. Ideally if Val is on your team, you should stand opposite each other with her also on high ground and just shield/heal the Trapper and Assault. If the Monster comes for you, I’d jetpack towards the middle where the Trapper and Assault are so you can’t be separated from the group.


Communicate with the Trapper and tag the Monster when the dome is about to go down. Spam sentries as much as possible but don’t group them together. Makes it harder for the Monster to destroy them all at once.