Support Center


I’ve been playing around on the forum a bit and haven’t seen threads for specific classes.

The idea of this thread is to put all the info on the Support class in one place. Ideas how to play, videos in the POV of Support, news and rumors of new Support characters. Where you can go if you are recruiting Support for a clan.

It’d be cool if the forum had sub sections for all the classes/monsters. If this doesn’t get locked, I’ll make one for the other classes too.


That does sound like a good idea but I think someone tried that just earlier this week and @Plaff closed it since there were so many other supporting threads for this


Yeah, we already have a topic for hunters. No need of seperate topics.


If its the topic I think it is, its primarily for teamwork and combos. I’m aiming for somewhere that Support players can learn how to improve being Support.


I think one big Topic for every class is a good idea.


No that would be to much spam, just use the current hunter topic.


This topic is now closed. This is because a similar topic already exists. New replies are no longer allowed.