Support and medic - looking for good trappers/assault PS4


Top 150 caira and top 400 sunny looking for good assaults and trappers. Must have a mic and decent stats. Usernames Are: jayzino89 and minor_fatality


What platform?


Sorry about that, this is for ps4


Dang ittttt.
Ah well, good luck finding some peeps ^.^


Thanks man you too, playin with pubs/idle kids, is the absolute worst haha.


I WAS in top 30 global sunny, top 200 cabot, top 100 hank. ill run a mean support


Awesome man, add me jayzino89. I don’t mind rotating off support.


theres like 3 jazino89 names on psn. send me a friend request. ITZRACE


I am the #1 Torvald


Psn is warrior_boricua