Support and Medic, how long can each support shield and life for?


I played a team there that where actually terrible fighters but didnt need to be great, because medic kept their health up and support kept shield up,when working in tandom its impossible to kill either hunter,A bit ridiculous considering how bad a team can be and then not have to pay for its rookie mistakes, I lost against a team that got battered by wild life, They where like noobs that thought they had to kill everything instead of hopping over it. but still lost mainly because I dont have a clue how long each weapon medic and support has, I attack medic support gives shield, and vice versa, Lag alos doesnt help, like leap smashing but it lags and takes so long he may aswell just tell them to move outta the way Im onna smash here.

So How do you counter a team that has support and medic working in tandom, seems pretty impenetrable if done right.


Go after Hank first and don’t let up go after Val after that


Welcome to the beam team (Val,Sunny,Hank,Jack) if one don’t get you the other will.

It’s all about creating difficult lines of site for them so there jobs harder, easier said than done I know!.The shield and med guns only have a certain capacity so don’t stress in those situations because it’s probably nearly empty.


Val is fast such a pain in the ass, I mean I get her down to 90% gone then she just gets full health so I need to then kill her again, I hear mixed opinions on who you should kill first, It was Medic then some say support and 1 said trapper, Kill trapper and freedom is easily won in a dome with plenty of strikes


If they catch you S1 focus the trapper so you get away without much punishment,S2 again you could target the trapper if your not confident end game but S3 medic or support has to go say medic because even if you get close to killing support he probably will cloak.


That’s literally the God Team… 2 Supports!!? :joy::joy:



Horrible advice… In a good Sunny/Hank Val comp… You will NEVER EVER get through trapper. Lest they make some serious newbie mistakes. Much better off focusing Hank, making him waste orbital and then rocking his face until he’s down… Or better yet spend the dome mitigating (jumping around and tumblingatacling hunters) Then catch them when their not ready on the chase at stage 2


It depends, if the Trapper throws the dome, and the others aren’t in yet you have the chance to put a strike on Trapper.


Caira with reload speed gives you the best healing results:
4 * 125 / (3.2 + 3 * 0.7) = 94
1 * 350 / (18 + 0.5) = 19
I assume you mean Hank’s Shield with Capacity, lets say you burst through it in about 1.5 seconds (which is not the best thing to do):
730 * 1.1 * 1.4 / (1.5 + 1.5 + 10) = 86

So perfect play from Medic and Support gives you about 199 mitigated damage per second.

Lets say you play Goliath with 90/225 melee damage and you time them to have 2 lights, 1 heavy every 2.5 seconds. That is 162 dps, with DI 178.
Now lets say that Leaps and Charges are either dodged or prevented by the trapper’s CC. Also Rock Throws are dodged. Now we add a common 2 point Flame Breath which lasts 1.05 seconds, which means in that time you miss out 170 melee damage on average, 187 with DI.
The Flame Breath adds therefore 30 DPS, 37 with CDR, 33 with DI.

This lets you end up with an approximation of 192/211(DI)/199(CDR) Monster DPS vs 199 mitigated DPS, so little to no damage.

But yeah this is a very very vague approximation and assumes perfect Hunter play and some messing up on the monster’s side (You can land more abilities than just Flamebreath)!


Awesome just lost -7 point, Should have won, its really annoying how many times you need to kill hunters but then they give us the invisible guardian angel Laz, very annoying when the team is shit and then there is laz the loop hole, So many things to know how to counter as monster in comparison to what hunter must learn to deal with in my opinion, I even killed Laz twice, Support maybe 6 times and the others and still lose,

Plus thanks for all the comments, really appreciate new incite and see how others counter things,


Hey @XYNK84, just wondering… do you only play as monster? Nothing wrong with that if you do but I notice that all your threads are regarding confusion on how the hunters do certain things to you.

I really suggest trying out each hunter so that you have a better understanding of each ones abilities and weaknesses. Playing on both sides has made me better than if I only played monster.


In theory yep that would work and I would probably do that but dont have a premade team, I cant go through getting my ass handed to me for another couple of weeks just to play a better monster, I wish there was more on youtube about this stuff, I find every single thing you need to know about this game must be reseached online before you know whats going on, not even talking about hunters as such, but even badges, it would just take one line of writing in game to highlight what they are for,the video things for hunters and monster are ok but not as informative as they should be, I had to come to the forums to find out what the blue 30 second count down was for,The game is probably one of the best games I have ever played, This is the only gaming forum I ever joined, and only for this Forum I would have not bothered my ass playing this game, just for the fact that the game is difficult to get used to and the game doesnt offer alot of information in the game itself,
I reckon that part of the game is a bigger issue than any DLC, just DLC is a bigger complaint because it just an obvious draw back, I bought alot of DLC for the PC and never needed to use it except some skins for Goliath.

I just lost another game against Laz, so as a team just spam the shit outta laz and dont do anything stupid and your team wins. So many teams use Laz and Maggie, probably 60% of the teams I find use laz if not more, I killed all 3 hunters but all the last guy had to do is go invisible and not shoot me and the team come back, Its such a frustrating game but at the same time You gotta love it,

Theres not even a whole lot of gameplay on twitch from this game, maybe I’m looking in the wrong place though, Any tips on where to find some gameplay? Notice on YouTube the teams are quite bad, I’d really like to see how Silver premade teams and up play the game, It would take so long for me to get up to that stage and develop a good team strategy.

Gonna stop playin for tonight, having a bad bad run, losing against teams I should be winning against, so just gonna do a bit of research I guess.


What system are you on?


Xbox 1, I am more a playstation player I just had the chance to get this game and xbox, plus going from PC the controllers made it easy to go back and forth, really dont like the xbox toggle sticks,


Like others have said, if Hank is on the team (especially with Val) you need to down him first or you won’t be taking out anyone. Focus hard and don’t let up.

Now say he goes invisible and you lose him. That’s fine. Immediately switch your focus to the Medic. That’ll either force him to reveal himself early with a shield, or let the medic go down (or at least lose a hefty chunk of life). Either way, Hank’s not getting healed for this duration.

Once he shows himself again go back and finish the job. Mitigation is obviously of paramount importance here, because the Trapper and Assault won’t make this easy, but alas, being the monster is hardly ever easy.


I play ranked for monster and jump over to quick play for hunters. Even if you played solo matches as hunters to get the feel of each character it would help a lot.

Besides that they plan on making changes to Laz in the next update as well as to monsters. I think the changes will overall make the game less frustrating.

I agree that this game is the best! I jumped on last night and found myself super amped between matches I was having so much fun.

Have you friended the evolve group profile this person made for XB1 yet? People shoot me invites to play since I joined.


Cool I will try that and check it out, Im Literally new to Xbox, only on it maybe 3 weeks, so havent even looked around the console yet I just turn on the game, I will check that out though and see what happens,

What do they plan to do to Laz and Monsters? I think Laz is a bit over used and over powered if thats the right word, You take down other players and all he has to do is go invisible and touch the downed player for a split second and you just exchanged armor and effort to get that hunter down to be so easily made irrelevant, I can be a bit much coupled with the fact that he can just run and leave and set up his 3 second revive all players thing, I find playing Laz I need to destroy him or lose,


A couple days ago me (Hank) and a medic soloed a 75% hp behemoth in arena. It actually took longer than it should have because I was running too much and shooting too little.


Most of the changes are talked about here. Basically with Laz they might have him revive with strikes against the hunters if the hunter fully dies (as in the red skull empties of health). He would still be able to revive with out strike if the hunter is still alive but downed. This will allow monsters to at least rack up some strikes on the hunters.

Enjoy the new Xbox! I love mine.


So far so good man, Xbox looks grand even compared to the game on PC, in-game I mean, lol yea I had a look for those patches, some make sense like that, Its not perfect but at least that is one way to change Laz without actually changing the hunters main abilities, I have often killed hunter spending so much time and effort and laz just gets them up with full health as if nothing happened, kinda defeat the purpose of the monster attacking at all, it just mean you need Laz dead if you want to stand any chance of a win if the team is any use.

At no point does the monster health go up,but hunters health can and they can die again and again whereas monster dies once, the only thing monster can do is try run for food, seems like replenishment is very much on the hunters side, But as difficult as it can be, it makes winning that much sweeter, its awesome when there is just 1 hunter left and he knows he screwed as you walk toward him slowly, lol you can almost imagine his face, or when you scare the life outta rookie hunters, Sometimes I wish I could hear the opposing team for a split second after an attack like you do in black ops 2,