Supernova vs. Turrets? (PS4 Defend Bug)


So, in my most recent stream, I noticed that when Wraith uses Supernova in Defend, then attacks a turret, that turret takes no noticeable damage from the melee hits. Has anyone else noticed this at all? This is something I’ve never noticed before.


I think sometimes there is a visual bug with the turrets health bar. You can damage it in any way and the bar doesn’t move for a while, then all of a sudden it goes down to a melees worth of health.

It sounds like you’re experiencing this bug to me.

Do you have a link to your stream?


That might be it. It’s just something really annoying that I noticed.

You can find the match in question in the past broadcast titled “Grabbing Masteries in Evacuation”.


Yeah it looks like the same bug. It happens with every monster and it is quite annoying. :smile:


Strange. I’ve never noticed it on any other monster and I play a lot of Evacuation :confused:


It happens a lot with gorgon so try her if you have her.


Okay, I will. Thanks for the help! :smiley_cat:


No problem. :wink:


I get it with Goliath a lot.


YUP! it is a bug. It works almost 100% with Vortex


The right turret on new calico (from monsters pov) is the one that AI monsters always stuggle with. Wraith gets stuck 100% of the time when she tries to supernova it, the others monsters don’t get stuck as often, but it still happens. However the devs have known about this bug for a long time, it’s just never been fixed…


Yeah there is a visual bug in terms of “Am I hurting the Turret?”

In short, yes. Just keep doing stuff and it’ll blow.

The only thing that bothers me is when I’m like “I can’t tell how much HP it has! Do I smack it a little to kill or do I need to use one of my heavy Abilities thus causing it to be on Cooldown for the next turret?”

Otherwise do whatever.

Although I have seen some Monster AI go dumb and just sit there and not attack a turret.