Supernova is Wraith's Aftershock to Kraken. Why I gave up using it and how I been Rolling


Supernova man was it brought down hard.

Been testing out the wraith again after Patch 1.3. and having been a blast trying hard to actually git gud on a monster that has had it’s unintended pubstomping playstyle reworked and was surprised by how hard supernova was hit by it.

Why for the love of Bestiality? (what’s the equivalent version of monster here?)

  • Works too different now.
  • hunters will simply walk out of them like uninformed boys lining up to get their peen mutilated but some doctor who won’t even use gloves for the process. Yeah that’s how slow hunters can walk out of them :laughing:
  • Permanent damage recieved being in the open when casting it, far out weights any damage you can do to the hunters.
  • Remember the time you used to be able to pull hunters back into the cloud with supernova when they wanna GTFO the cloud? Nope sorry that won’t work anymore, the cloud will simply vanish before you even manage to catch the hunter. Even Cher will have a better time getting people into another Farewell tour then wraith pulling a hunter back into supernova.

  1. It’s in a really awkward place with what it it actually does.
  • It’s no longer a heavy damage dealing ability, it’s barely a AOD ability and it doesn’t fut as a utility either what is going on?

  • Not a very good hunting tool, don’t know why it doesn’t feel the same as before the patch. Simply put putting two points in Decoy should be enough to get you some mega elites down.

  • Doesn’t work on Decoy.

  • Okay this one was a fair enough tweak, at least the decoy is pretty dumb now and just stares at hunters most of the time. :laughing: It was a bit of a cheese combo, below a Cabot with a railgun but still above Caira’s healz.

  • I wanted to put another reason here but my ADHD is preventing me from remember what it was I wanted to put here, damn I had it all planned out in my head and everything. So here’s a picture of a kitty instead.

How I’ve been rolling

  1. Having a team of hunters going after you is super scary when you’re a Wraith now. Sure you’re basic and sneak movement is the kind of ok compared to any monsters right now. It still doesn’t mean jack when your traversal is travels the short distance. Hunters will always be on your tail, trickery stuff will be required lol.
  2. A single leap from Goliath is equivalent to 6 warp jumps from wraith while a single airburst from Kraken can travel twice the distance. If a trapper fails at trapper the wraith now, then maybe they should consider another profession.
  3. I always, always secure and deny buffs for the hunters. Denying buffs saves lives, at least yours. So always try to take away Armadons and Sloths whenever I can.

Perks, Traversal Cooldown and Ability Cooldown have been my bread and butter.

  • Experimented with all the perks and have chosen my favorite two.
  • Traversal Cooldown gives me a better option on where I can let the trapper dome, it also helps me to get some breathing space because after first contact. Trust me once the hunters find you it will be hard for you to shake them off, juking will be required provided you aren’t highlighted, tracked and tranq.
  • Ability Cooldown works the in a similar fashion as Warp Blast can be use as a traversal, not as good but it helps me gud when I get domed in a bad area.

How I be staging up.

  1. Warp Blast 1, Decoy 2,
  • Warp Blast at 1 point is good enough to help me to take down small grouped up together and it also bigger elites with when used with Decoy. It also works as a traversal, travelling at 30 metres per warp on all levels.
  • Decoy 2 is good, can used to kill wildlife, as a bodyguard from wildlife while evolving and eating, can be used to misdirect hunters when I am hunted. Just go to an area with multiple paths and break LOS and pop the decoy out, I then can either keep moving to one of the many paths or try to juke the hunters.

I really don’t bother levelling it pass two any more it’s been dumb down and it barely hits hunters anymore and just last and extra 1 second.

  1. Fart Blast 2, Abduction 2, Decoy 2,
  • This is where I start picking fights with hunters, I’ve gotten pretty good of avoiding them before I stage up. So once I secure one of my favourite buff I find a good spot and get dome and try to do a hit and run tactic, try get the medic or Hank downed first then move along, then proceed to pick on them one by one until they all die.

Sends decoy away from cover, hunters trying to find real me. BAM! Hank is missing, got clawed and a warp blast to the face. Caira tries to heal, Caira u next u little kunz but this time instead of a warp blast Imma pounce you.

Ending the game here seems to be more effective for me rather than staging up to three and fighting near the relay where the hunters want me. I suck at relay fights, but if it ever comes to to I know max warp blast will be very kind if I can abduct Daisy.

Moral of the story, don’t leave Daisy alone also supernova is bad. Not even worth it in doors and caves will get you killed.