Superior Monster players going too far


Playing as the Monster puts players in a unique position. You can drag the game out for sooooo long in certain situations. I spoke to a guy who played in the Big Alpha and Beta. He was explaining to me why he is such a good monster player and he said “Ending the game by killing all 4 as soon as possible is never my objective. I make them suffer by forcing them to re spawn again and again.” Then he said “Check out some of my beta videos. Some of which show me killing all 4 hunters except daisy upwards of 10x in 20 mins.”

Does anyone else consider this to be taking things too far? Beating up on player who are no match for you? Win the game and let it be done.


It does seem incredibly douchey


Right? It seems really messed up going into anything with the intention of making strangers suffer.


This will pretty much only happen when the Monster is far, far, far better than the Hunters. Letting the game drag on like that makes you very vulnerable- we’ve all had Evolve matches come down to the wire, and it gets worse for the Monster as the two minute timer draws near. A decent team of Hunters will always get itself back together and bring the pain. Letting them spawn over and over is asking for a loss.

On the off-chance that it does happen (because it does, sadly) then there isn;t much to be helped. Hunters need to get better, Monster needs to stop being a [REDACTED].


I will say that the majority of hunters, and monsters were straight garbage so things like this were possible in the beta/alpha :stuck_out_tongue:


My worry is mostly for rookies. Getting better is good advice but being in a game like that could make some people just put the game down in general. Or is the cause of MONSTER OP comments.


Yes, the majority were terrible. It was really cringe-worthy. Playing in parties, with bots, or with the higher level players was a relief.


I try and make it look like they have a chance, let them get rid of my armor etc, got called out for it once, I just feel it’s better to have a decent hunt than “oh, he hit level two and now we are already dead” (I agree that that guy you mentioned went too far, but letting support think he escaped when you can see his jet pack gives him a happy moment)


And in the end, that’s what it’s all about- having fun with others and letting others have fun too, because it’s a game. But there is a line between letting someone bolster their ego and being sadistic.


I dont think its bad to give them a chance or allow them to practice. It beats ending the match quick and having to wait through all the loading screens again. If was going against a really good monster I would prefer them to do this.


You would prefer a guy to beat you and your teammates 10 times? I am sure you must be in the minority. I imagine it’d make me feel useless that with 40 lives my friends and I could not kill someone.


yeah that’s some premium douchebaggery. I try to engage at level 2 partly to keep things interesting
and partly to test hunter skill level. Methinks it’s time for a “Hunter’s code”


He might have meant what I do, playing like I’m at a lower level, not that torture that was described by op


Yes. Why not? It allows us to test a different strategy each time we drop without waiting for a new game to load and going through the menus. It allows us to watch a superior player first hand and learn ways to get better. It allows us to see different techniques of taking out teams instead of just one that ended the game. It allows us to level up our masteries quicker if we choose to just spam the things we want leved.


I’ve only done this twice during the beta I just walked away after downing 3 of them at stage one while I still had half armor I just chalked it up to bad teamwork and gave them a mulligan.


If your opponent has the ability to stomp you 10 times in a row without you killing him then you are no longer in a learning experience. You are in Hell. (Am I allowed to say Hell here?) Because the Monster has no dedicated way to regain health only Armor. If you could not dip into his health enough to kill him after 10 tries then you are honestly just being over powered. I would rather wait the 5 minutes for a more even match up.


I have the ability to learn from watching and playing with others whether I am being effective or even playing at all. I am not sure I am even in the minority. Twitch wouldnt be as big as it is if it was not for people learning by watching better players.


Sounds awful to be honest. Really unfair on the hunters. I like whatde’s idea though, that’s nice and giving them a second shot at permanent damage could be fun.

Having a good monster to try new strategies against is all well and good but you’ll barely learn anything if he’s miles ahead in skill, the strategies won’t perform nearly as well as they would have without strikes (better to rematch the guy), the majority of players won’t be playing in a group or think so extensively as to practise different approaches on the spot (or want to with strangers) and it still doesn’t excuse rotten behavior.


The description of how he played sounds pretty over the top to me, stuff like seeing the jetpack trail and letting it go I don’t think is much of an issue, for reasons mentioned above (learning, continuing game etc etc) but being beat down that many times id prefer to start with someone closer level because if its that significant a difference when youre in the thick of it I don’t feel you learn all that much other than the other guy is far superior. Watching on twitch is a bit different as you normally get their commentary on what/why they’re doing stuff (the ones I watch anyway).

I had a couple of my Goliath games where I’d have the Laz and another player down but bail cos I was losing a bit of health, they were fairly new and one would follow while the other revived so I got a nice sneak pounce but then even though I had half the team down I still left off due to no armour, wanted to stage up, plus to let them regroup and go again, but it was always risky I felt that they could still come back, but it was never to try and show off I was better, just like to be cautious haha. sorry for wall of text.


I’m not going to lie, in some situations during the beta when I was playing as wraith I would tease the players a bit. Not killing them, but just zipping around the map abducting, doing some damage, decoying away, and then repeating. But I never went as far as to purposely annoy players, that just seems rude. I did it so it would be more of a fair fight, I would even bring fights down to the wire for players that really were into it. Just hearing them talk about it afterwards was fun.