Superhot Beta

So last night I got the email with a Beta Key for Superhot

I just did a quick run through, it’s basically a demo, a part-recreation of their web game made in Unity that you can still play.

Check out the footage here

Anyone else backed this game, or interested in it when it’s released?

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I’m assuming it’s single player? Did you manage to hit a bullet with another one?

I don’t know what the final features are, but I think it’s only single player, would make sense.

Haven’t managed to hit a bullet with another yet, will give it another go later :wink:

Sounds interesting. I asked the first question when I googled the game name. Would have been interesting to think of a way they would have made it multiplayer but sounds impossible. Do you know if red enemies are gonna be basically mooks and there will be bosses or atleast stronger enemies where one shot won’t kill them or will it just be more enemies?

I’m hoping that the red guys we’ve seen so far are just the basic, and that there will be more types of enemies with different difficulties to kill. I think a large part of the game though is increasing difficulty by giving you a lot to have to keep track of at the same time, so a lot can be done with the same enemy type but different conditions and quantities I think!

Yeah when I said just I think that was worded poorly. It would be an amazing game with just the red enemies and elaborate levels. But having to shoot a purple guy so he’d slow down so you could take him down with a headshot and otherwise having to use multiple bullets on him would make the game a lot more interesting especially if shooting someone in the arm dropped their gun leg/knee crippled them having critical spots like heads and vital organs like your heart. Having a green guy mean he has body armour making torso shots useless unless you have a rifle.

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This playstyle could be quite interesting, were it to get very complex.

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I’m quite terrible at it. Tried the prototype on their website doesn’t work on chrome.

Yeah something’s changed with Chrome that makes it not work. Fine on Firefox, though they also seem to have lost the inverted version of the game for people like me that use joystick style thought process :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never been able get behind that hand moves down gun aims up is just weird for me but the games a lot of fun even though that hallway thing took me so many tries

I think it’s about perspective of where you internally visualise your control. Like if you believe the mouse is the extension of your arm then moving forward to point up makes sense as, on a slightly different plane, that’s what you’re doing.

For me I see the mouse as the back of my head, so my hand is on the back of my virtual head, and if I push my hand up then that turns my head downwards, and if I pull my hand down that pulls my head to look up.

If you played a lot of games with joysticks I think inverted feels more natural :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah I definitely see my mouse as my hand lol. That makes a lot of sense I think of it less as moving where im looking and more moving the gun.

I’m trying to do a no shooting run of the prototype I think the hallway may be impossible though. Nevermind nothing is impossible if you try for long enough. I did give up on the second last level. They kept 3 and 4 stacking at the entrances and you can’t kill them in that small an area with that many

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