Superbowl 50


Well then, the stage is set, who are people supporting if anyone? Who do people think will win?


Who’s playing?

Edit: Nevermind, skills answered it. :slightly_smiling:

Panthers are cooler than horses, so go Panthers!


Personally, I would rather the Panthers win because I’ve never been a Broncos fan.
But ultimately it doesn’t matter for me because the Vikings aren’t in it :rage:


Broncos are gonna win.


As a Brit I find it hard to watch as much as I want to to keep following. I’m an eagles fan and I saw enough to be pretty sad this season.

But I’m a fan of the kind of style the panthers bring, especially their ethos of having fun with it.


I am going with the Panthers. I don’t think Peyton Manning is that good at his age, and they only beat Tom Brady because Broncos put good pressure on Brady. I don’t think the Broncos will get to Cam Newton like that Newton is very big and very fast.


I hope the Patriots wi-
Oh, right.

Sobs loudly in corner


I think Wraith will win, duh… :slight_smile:


tbh she seems more like a Karate person.


I don’t know, I heard Cam Newton is part Goliath.


Puppy Bowl and Super Bowls commercials is all I watch on Game Day.


My girlfriend always makes me watch the Puppy Bowl. XD


I find it to be like comedy. It’s hilarious to me, besides watching cute puppies.


The water bowl camera is hilarious.


I like when one poops on the field and the ref has to come in and clean it…or when puppies get too rough so they get a time out for personal fouls.


Dosent matter… lions aren’t in it :cry:


Browns VS Lions. We need to make it happen.


Not with manzeil and jimmy haslam… Sorry


I’m just gonna leave this here.


Don’t even follow football. I just know they are both terrible teams.