Super Speed Goliath


So I was playing as Goliath, I think playing evacuation mode. I chose the speed perk, which I have leveled to tier 2. I think it was a Nest map, the map was desert, but I forget what it was called. It wasn’t the dam.

When I first started I ran to kill a little creature with flame breath, but the goliath starting moving at superspeed, like 5x the speed of normal. It stopped after a few seconds.

Game played out, and I eventually was in a fight with the hunters. Downed 3 of them, was going to flame breath the last one standing and it happened again. I can’t be 100% sure, but I think I evolved to stage 2 and took a 3rd point in flame breath.

3 of the hunters quit after the game ended and we returned to lobby, they probably thought I was hacking or something.

I took the speed perk on wraith and kraken, nothing like it has happened since. Havn’t reproduced it on Goliath.


Its not actually super speed.Sometimes when you go towards edges,where a big “rock” meets the ground,the game doesn’t understand if you are exactly in the ground,or climbing,or still “leaping” so it panics.

Its a known bug and we’re waitting for a fix.At least its really rare to happen