Super Smash bros revealed for the Switch ( Inkling Confirmed )


Omg finally they have done it Smash Bros is coming for the Switch O.O im a huge Smash bros fan so im so happy about this reveal :slight_smile:

The Inklings from Splattoon are confirmed as playable Characters ( i hv know they will make it anytime to the Game )

I was waiting for this so long now im thinking of buying a Switch anytime :stuck_out_tongue:

I just hope this is a new Game and not just a port of SSB4 from WiiU or 3DS :frowning:


Can’t wait! I hope they bring some more characters as well.


yeah i really hope this isnt just a Port of the WiiU / 3DS version just whit the Inklings i hope it will be finally Smash 5 ^^ and plz bring back the Pokemon-Trainer xD


I could never get into Smash Bros. Never could figure out how to get back onto a platform after being knocked off. Had it for the Wii U but didn’t play it much since I couldn’t get past that apparently simple function. I didn’t know there was such a huge fan following for this game. It is fun to watch though.


You know. I LOVED the first SMASH on N64. Do you know what the biggest difference is in controls from that one to all the others?

In the original Smash Bros Jumping was only mapped to a button.

I suggest, next time you load a game up of smash, assign jump to a button and ignore the tap up option. You will now be able to easily save yourself from the cliffs.

Edit:: that video though? I never understood that reaction either. But it made me smile happily that I just saw a room full of people were so easily made happy.

@xDaRkNeZzChAoSX it feels like that doesn’t it. That Nintendo is only porting over its hits from the Wii U. The system just turned a year old though and I would think that aside from being in THIER typical lineup order of games that this will be a fresh installment all the while using assets from the Wii U of course.



I’m so confused, is this a new Smash Bros or are they just moving the old game to Switch?

Like, I have so many friends mega excited because they think it’s a new title and the news articles don’t give that much info to confirm lol.


I think this is a new game.
New Link from BOTW, Inklings are in, no mention of it being a remaster just a new Smash, and looks like the graphics were upgraded.
I would be surprised if this was just a port of the Wii U version.


As far as I know all the smash bros have jump on a button? I know brawl and melee as well as the original do. Not sure about 4, but I would assume it does as well.


well its still on a button, but they gave the ability to jump with the stick… for me, that totally messed up my train of thought on how to jump in the game.


I never use the stick, but I use a gamecube controller so it’s more natural to just hit the “x” button.


I’ll have to figure it out and try that sometime.