Super powered Monsters, underpowered Hunters


Hello, this is an article I wrote for my website. I didn’t think people would like me posting a link in here so I have copied and pasted the article over to here. It’s pretty long but hopefully worth a read. Basically it is my feedback from playing the Evolve beta. Enjoy!

Super powered Monsters, underpowered Hunters

The Evolve beta has been out for little over 24 hours, and me and my fellow wolf pack have been busy hunting down two of the monsters available in the beta. Or at least trying to anyway. After only a few short hours of game play one thing is crystal clear, the game has some balancing issues to work out.

In almost every game I and my fellow team mates have played, each round plays out almost exactly the same, and that is for 95% of the round, we attempt and fail to chase down the enemy monster , and the remaining 5% is spent trying to defend the relay against the level 3 monster, which usually fails. So essentially the average 20 minute long game is a lot of running around with little to no action, followed by a swift but still painful death by a super powered beast.

You see, the problem is that the Goliath and the Kraken have multiple abilities that enable them to cover a huge distance in an incredibly short time, whilst the Hunters need to sprint and use every ounce of fuel they have in their jetpacks to be able to get within firing distance of the beasts. And by the time you have finally got a glimpse of the opposing player, their abilities have reset and they catapult away, leaving you in their wake and scrambling to try and keep up once again. So, you can’t really chase the enemy down. So, we thought if we can’t chase them, maybe we can trap them? A good idea, but unfortunately the monsters in Evolve have the ability to sense or ‘smell’ you, and are fully aware of where you are and what you are doing. So you can’t chase them and you can’t trap them.

So next we thought, maybe we can fortify the relay and take him down when he comes to destroy the objective. So we went about placing mines and harpoons and every gadget we could muster to make it as difficult for the big bad beast as possible. But, once again, we soon found out that once the monster has hit level 3, there isn’t really much you can do against them, despite how well fortified you have made your last stand.

What I am trying to say is that the Hunters feel so under powered in comparison to the Monsters in Evolve that when you are playing as one it becomes a very tedious and unfortunately boring game of cat and mouse that you have very little chance of winning. The player who is the Monster has no incentive at all to engage you early on, and will run away until he feels he is powerful enough to take you down. And it is not just the Monster the Hunters need to worry about. The games environment is a hostile and brutal place, with death around every corner if you are not careful. This would be a nice feature and would add to the sense of danger if the AI monsters didn’t blend in with their surroundings so well, to the point that you can’t see them until they are ripping your face off.

This again slows the Hunters down and creates another obstacle they will need to traverse in order to close the gap with the enemy Monster. As for the levels, each one is beautifully created with some truly amazing visuals and effects, but they are all so vertical. Every map features mountainous terrain that both the Monster and the Hunters must carefully navigate, but the difference being that the Monster can leap, bound, climb, and in the case of the Kraken can actually fly over these obstacles, but the poor Hunters must use their jet packs, with its limited fuel and short range to get up and over the same terrain. As you can imagine, the Monsters can clear these obstacles and escape in mere seconds, but it takes what feels like an age for the Hunters to accomplish the same feat. And even once the Hunters have reached the top of the obstacle they will have spent all their fuel and must wait for it to recharge before they can start pursuing their prey again. By this time the Monster will be at the other side of the map.

Luckily this is only a beta, and hopefully Turtle Rock will be able to tweak and change a few things to better balance the game. The Monsters feel fine, they are as big, powerful and fast as you would expect them to be. The Hunters need to be buffed, and I think all they really needs is a movement speed increase along with a fuel boost to their jet packs. That or some other way to traverse over the terrain so that they still have fuel in their jet packs to close the gap between them and the enemy. If it is possible at this stage it would be interesting to see some form of grappling hook added for the Hunters to use when climbing over the environment. This would prevent them spending all of their fuel before they have even reached the enemy but would still provide them a fast and easy way of covering the ground.

Overall I think Evolve will be a good game, but with a few tweaks it could be great.


According to the telemetry yesterday Hunters were winning more than monsters though it was close. 54/46% give or take decimal places. The biggest thing in evolve is experience. Experience makes a huge difference on btoh sides of the game.


Funny considering the hunters were ahead in wins when last the devs posted the game telemetry.


That is interesting, I just can’t see how that could be possible from my experience so far. How about you guys, how have you been finding it?


The learning curve is much higher for hunters than monsters.


A good tip if you want to chase down the monster is to not shoot at it while it’s running, this way it won’t have the traversal recharge bonus from being in combat


You have the bad luck of playing the best runners, sorry :frowning:


ive won most of my games as a hunter. if you dont have proper team work and cooperation the monster gets a free walk to stage three. You should probably take that article down or edit it. People assume Evolve is a FPS. it isnt. it has FPS elements but the game is so much more.

You arent supposed to chase the monster because youll never win. you gotta try to corner and cut off. or you lose in 10minutes to a steam rolling stage three


this is true and false. monsters are harder to use. hunters are easier. it is easier to be a team of one than 4. Hunters need to develop viable strategies to be effective rather than just chasing daisy chasing the monster.


It’s funny. I just killed a wraith an hour ago.

It’s all about experience and communication. You lack that, you’re going to lose.


You need to learn how to cut the Monster off. In all of the matches I’ve played with people from the Forum we’ve never really had any trouble catching anyone.


Interesting replies so far, is there a way we can see the win loss ration for Hunters/Monsters today?


You can check the telemetry thread and message macman on it to see if he could respond.


Like people are saying… practice and strategy will turn the tide.
Also, I have feeling that people will claim that the hunters are OP once they get their hands on Nest and the other modes. Those modes seem to challenge the monster.


If you have a full team of people that are all communicating then you might try splitting into two groups so that one group is following the monster and the other group is trying to head to the monster off on the other side of the map. This can force a confrontation and if the other group isn’t far behind the monster then there isn’t really a huge risk in doing this.


Hey there. Sorry to say I’ve not read the entire thing but I wanted to chip in anyway.

This is how it played out during the alpha too. For new players the monster is overwhelming and the hunters do require some co-ordination so it’s a bit of a game of hard knocks. From the sounds of it the main problem is cutting off and trapping the monster. Typically most players start off by following the tracks or Daisy around, but you need to take shortcuts and predict the monster’s movement a little. As you said, the monster is faster so following his footprints around all day won’t get you anywhere.

Here’s a quick example point, if the monster is scouting the border of the map, don’t follow the footprints, cut across the map to get in front of him. The trapper especially wants to learn how to do this because it’s their job to throw down the arena to force the monster to fight (or to hop around the arena trying not to fight while the hunters slow and melt him).

Splitting up into groups of 2 without moving too far from one another to flank the monster helps too.

Also, be careful of footprints. They can be misleading even if the monster doesn’t intend them to be. While sneaking the monster leaves no footprints, they can pass through water, the footprints may lead you a long way around putting you even further behind, traversal skills can help reduce how many footprints are left behind too. They’re meant to be more of a quick guide, like a compass.

Hope you’re enjoying the game anyway!


I was playing aginst the same people for hours now, everytime me as goliath. While I won the first 6 rounds, the game changed after they changed their way of fighting. They had lazarus and as you know, the easiest way to get rid of laz is to kill him or eat the hunters corpse. But with the time, they startet to act different. As soon as on hunter was down, I couldn’t fin lazarus and bucked placed his centrys around the lying hunter. Even if I killed him, I couldn’t eat him because of the centrys. And everytime I destroyed the centrys, Lazarus swooped in under my ass and revived the hunter lying on the ground. So I tryed to kill Lazarus first but as soon as he was dead, they spread out and even if I killed two remaining guys, The last one was hiding. The next four rounds was a win for them. I would have tried more but I wanted to check why I can’t play wraith.
They changed their attacks and started to work really good as a team, the just outplayed me even on stage three. But also with that experience, I haven’t lost a goliath game since then.
This game is ALL about experience and that’s why I like it so much


Between the Alpha and the Beta I’ve played played around 30 rounds of Evolve. And I’ve had this problem maybe 3 times (usually against the Kraken). And I blame myself and my team for not being coordinated. And when I’m the monster? Forget about it. They find me and kill me in just a few minutes every game. I’m a terrible monster player.

Maybe the Kraken could use some slight nerfing like slowing it’s flying speed, but overall, I think you’re blowing the problem way out of proportion. Have your medic traq the monster more and get some harpoons on him.

Personally, I love the tension and suspense of having to chase down the thing and making it hard, but not impossible (which it’s not).

Also, a level 3 monster CAN be beaten.


I am finding and killing monsters left and right! Not sure about you though.

Only monster I dislike is Wraith, she is near impossible to track and lock down. It gets really annoying <_>


People said the same thing about Kraken until people learned how to play against her. The reason why people think Monsters are so OP even for coordinated teams is because the game revolves around the Monster. So if you aren’t experienced with fighting it, it’s going to beat you with the same strats. It will be the same for almost every new monster release. The Hunters need to learn how to engage where/how they are strong and the monster is weak.

With Wraith, WAYYYYY too many Hunters chase the Decoy and don’t recognize the flashing of it to indicate the Wraith isn’t there. This gives it TONS of time to just get away. Also, too many hunters skirt the edges of the match and/or don’t cut off the monster on where it is going, not where it is.