Super Nova - Higher burst potential through limited but stronger hits


Right now I see the following problems with Wraith’s Super Nova which I think this suggestion might fix:

  • Against unexperienced Hunters it deals too much damage, as they do not exit the cloud effectively
  • The higher duration per ability point results in a much higher damage potential, being devastating towards an immobile target
  • Area of denial tools like Mortars, Orbitals and Toxic Grenades reduce its effectiveness massively as a disengage becomes nessessary and wastes its duration
  • Experienced players dodge most of its damage too easily
  • It is not really viable at Stage 1

The idea

Each activation of Super Nova grants a Maximum of Super Nova 'd attacks, meaning after X amount of melee attacks found a target, the Super Nova cancels. In an effort to balance this, the damage per hit should increase.

##Details and Example

This is Supernova right now:

Stage 1 Wraith attacking: 59 damage per hit
Stage 2 Wraith attacking: 61 damage per hit
Stage 3 Wraith attacking: 65 damage per hit

1 Point:  5.7 seconds duration  
2 Points: 7.1 seconds duration
3 Points: 8.5 seconds duration

I do not have an accurate number for the time per hit, but 0.4sec (2.5 hits per second) seems to be a good approximation based on my testing. Adding a timeless opening hit this results in:

1 Point:  15 hits
2 Points: 18 hits
3 Points: 22 hits

Given a situation where the full duration can be used, this results in a total damage output approximatly as follows:

1 Point  @ Stage 1:  885  1 Point  @ Stage 2:  915  1 Point  @ Stage 3:  975
2 Points @ Stage 1: 1062  2 Points @ Stage 2: 1098  2 Points @ Stage 3: 1170
3 Points @ Stage 1: 1298  3 Points @ Stage 2: 1342  3 Points @ Stage 3: 1430

This of course is devastating against unexperienced players, and it also is a 62% damage difference from its lowest to its highest, where other abilities have a 10% difference.

As a suggested example I have this to offer:

  • The damage value of Super Nova is set to 99, which is Wraith’s current melee damage.
  • The damage increases per point, not per Stage to 102 and 109 respectively.
  • The amount of hits per Super Nova is limited to 8.
  • The Super Nova cloud cancels after 8 hits have connected to a target or after the duration runs out, whichever comes first.
    *1 Point in Super Nova would then provide 50% of its duration to spend on Abduction a target back in or something else without loosing valuable time of doing damage.
  • At 3 Points you would have 67% (currently) of Super Nova spare time to make sure that all 8 hits actually find its target and you get the full 872 damage in a minimum of 2.8 seconds (One opening hit and 7 hits with 0.4 sec delay).

Bonus suggestion:
Alternatively to the radius leveling up, the attack speed might be considered to increase per point. This would provide a higher burst but still the same damage output.

Update 2.15 Discussion Thread
How I think Monsters should level up and why (very long)

This seems like a solid suggestion, but I don’t like the hard cap of 8 hits maximum. I think that it would be fine if you lowered the duration massively. That way you are not hard cap limited and if you mess up you have a little leeway. I would like SN to be burstier as it would emphesize her bursty nature and it would help make it, not useless at just 1 point.

I like this suggestion though.


Well no actually. If you mess up with a short duration, that is a massive portion of your damage gone. If you mess up with a hard cap it does not matter that much, you were getting just 8 hits max anyway, they were just delayed a little.
With a shorter duration, a Mortar would cancel it out completley instead of “just” most of it.
If you don’t like 8 hits, how about 10? Or 12? The 8 was just an example how I would do it. The hard cap is the actual suggestion :wink:


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