Super-intelligent Monster as the 5th Monster


What is a monster? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is a “thing with a dauntingly huge size”

“Size” again, can refer to magnitude in many ways.

So we have the Goliath, which is a monster due to enormous strength, the Kraken, which is a monster due to ginormous magical casting ability, and the Wraith due to its extreme subtlety.

Why not have a monster with enormous intelligence instead? See below:

The above picture shows Evangelos Katsioulis, a monster with a deviation IQ of 196 using 15 as a single standard deviation. He is the world’s most intelligent man, and is thus a monster of extreme intelligence.

Thus, why not have a 5th monster with super-intelligence, that goads people into solving puzzles within a certain period of time or take damage?

Such a monster’s abilities may be as follows:

Above: Mass cloning, whereby the monster uses his superior intelligence to come up with a cloning system that genetically engineers all his clones with super strength, like Khan from Star Trek, and therefore overwhelming the hunters instead.


I cant imagine that. A small little monster that shoot mindfucks at you.


What I thought of


Mindfucks? Hideo Kojima confirmed for 5th monster?


That would require the community to be intelligent enough to adapt rather than whine until they get their way though :pensive: