Super Bloom Bug (Different from "Disco Dropship")


I have got another screenshot from the same type of glitch, this one is different than I expected:

Disco dropship --- Should be fixed in latest NVIDIA Drivers --- [Warning, flashing imagery ITT]

This looks like an old bug. I think bad information was passed to the shader, or something. It generated some pixels with infinite brightness, which blows out the Bloom effect. I think.

On Monday someone should be in who would remember the causes of this bug better.


fortunately, I’m here to repport the bugs while you try to fix them, but I’m not the only one who repports the bugs I think. If I haven’t repported those bugs, people who plays Evolve and find bugs like this could have continued to downgrade the game. Ho, and this bug is mostly like the “Disco Party” bug when you play a game with the rain particles, but instead of having 3 or 4 black and white flashes like this one, it’s the entire screen.

By saying “old bug”, do you mean a bug which was already present in the beta or in the oldest version of the game which was named “Metamorphosis”?


I meant a bug that I thought we fixed a long time ago, but post release.


One of our rendering programmers basically confirms how I described it. He’s surprised to see this on PC (it’s appeared more often on Xbox in the past). We’ll be on the lookout for this, though no one internally has seen this effect on PC.

To be clear, we believe this super-bloom bug is distinct from so-called “Disco Dropship”.


You will probably have to tell to the other programmers that it worsens with the rain map effect as a hint to fix it.
I know I repeat myself for the rain, etc… but I think personally it will lead them to the nub of matter, maybe.


I’ve experienced this as Wraith before. Everything was black and highlighted in white, buy it only happened when I smelled. When I wasn’t smelling everything was black, like sonar Monster Edition.


The super bloom bug is back, and he is even stronger: